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Market? And museum too!

Approximately time in half a year to me are possible to wander on the remarkable town. I would be more often there, but it is impossible. And it is simple to reach, only there it is necessary to get as soon as possible - it is intended first of all for tourists and just unoccupied people.

Several coiling small streets filled with shops, little shops, shops - all this together carries the name Flea market . Or in Hebrew it sounds Shuk pishpishy .

It is difficult to tell about it because a picture is worth a thousand words . But I will try to make it because pleasure from contemplation alone - any more not that, there is a wish to share.

One of the first shops - it and a restoration workshop. Here restore furniture which is worth it: chairs, sofas of last, before last and ranshy centuries. Sometimes from them there is only a framework, sometimes - it is slightly more, but it is always interesting to watch how it occurs as from a semi-wreck the ancient thing at which - it is expensive to Ljubo to look turns out.

Here nearby - a shop of trifles: coins and books, pictures and radio receivers In such shop a few years ago for nothing I bought British encyclopedia 1923 of the edition in English: leather cover, gold sawn-off shotguns. The price for 16 volumes a format as BSE was also twice thicker than only about 70 dollars (now it became interesting and how many one volume weighs? Weighed - from 2. 8 to 3. 4 kg). To tell that I use it every day, would be too, but it makes impression on those who at me are.

Before shops - disorders on which there is a lot of frank stuff, but are things more seriously. Water pumps - columns, for example, the beginnings of last century (you want to surprise the guests - deliver yourself in the yard such piece). There are also pictures: pile, stacks. Among everything interesting things sometimes come across, but it infrequently happens. It is necessary to hunt for it and precisely know what to do with a find.

There are specialized shops: objects of art from India, China, Iraq

Are also shops of antiques, and shops of period furniture are separately distinguished from them. The quantity of exhibits - are more, than in some museums, and here quality - a big question. In the market (in general, not in particular on it) a large number of skillful fakes. Also the trained eye is necessary to distinguish an original product from a remake.

If all goods of such shop to place and classify yes to hang out on walls as it becomes in the museums - quite decent exposition will turn out. Huge number of hours, still some interesting things. Actually, a shop it is impossible to call this institution - it is one of shops of the international network on trade in antiques. It seems that the goods which are exposed came also from - for a boundary.

Mystery of a plan, careful finishing, study of details - all this attracts a look. There is a certain template, style in old hours. Hours - in the center of composition, and on the right and at the left - decorative vases. Bronze, gilding, marble. And here interesting piece: porcelain ball! Several figures: musicians, dancers And here still: pack of some birds Has to tell

what today to define, original it is a thing or a remake - a task not for the ordinary buyer. Experts because knowledge of these people is unimaginable on depth are necessary. For example, offer you an ancient case and say that it is the 17th century. Respectively and the price ask very decent, several thousands of dollars. And how to define, this original product or it was brought the day before yesterday from Egypt? Everything begins with a way of connection of details, with execution of accessories, with nails if you want, and comes to an end with an assessment of care of finishing. And if you have a desire by all means to buy the original - take with yourself the person (naturally, not from this market) who can competently educate you.

Undoubtedly when you loaf about in such specific place, you will listen, you will ask, which - and even you will remember that you learn. But incidental calling with casual inquiries cannot replace the systematized knowledge of experts on antiques.

The telecast on BBC Prime channel on which leaders tell about features of each subject exposed on an assessment can help with something. By the way, there are many websites on antiques and not only. They help to be guided with the world of old things. Very often their value is overestimated, but own assessment of a subject sometimes underestimated can be or a surprise (when the expert calls unexpectedly high price), or the reason of painless transfer of a subject for other owner. Recently I was given as superfluous a picture worth 300 dollars (I found the price in the Internet).

But we will return to a shop. Some mysterious spirit lives in curiosity shops, something mystical that pulls to itself again and again. Perhaps, it is a disorder, maybe, it is thick dust - as dust of centuries? Perhaps, this expectation something unusual, say, a jug with the genie? I do not know. I know only one - in half a year (or earlier) will pull me again to wander on these ranks what searching is unknown and it is unknown why

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