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Spanish pilaf. What is it?

100 Spaniards will give 100 different recipes of a paeya,

and 100 valensiyets - 300:

will give everyone, grandmother`s and one more - wives .

(Spanish wisdom.)

of Veins somehow. Once he got back without catch to shore. To eat that, whatever is in the house, collected everything that was in the house (and were: rice, chicken, olive oil and a pinch of a saffron), also prepared paeyyu. So the legend of emergence of a paeya (paella) says.

( Paella it is said paeya double " ale; in Spanish it is read as y .)

Paeya has a reputation for a typical national Spanish dish. Whether so it?

Paella comes from ancient French paele which, in turn came from Latin patella what means special capacity or a big plate from " metal;. Word paeya in Valencian appeared in the 18th century, came to Castilian approximately in 1900 as a synonym of the Valencian paeya. Many years prior to emergence of a paeya Spaniards ate (and continue to eat) dense, rich soups with different types of haricot and peas, potato, sausages, jamon or fish. Paeya - widely known dish in South America and other countries. Therefore a typical national Spanish dish paeyyu it is impossible to call. More likely, paeya - for quite some time now the most popular dish among other raznoobraziya of the Mediterranean kitchen and typical for those regions which have in easy availability of various mollusks and other sea reptiles.

About Paella or About! Paella!

of Paeeeya.... Pronouncing this word, at everyone who speaks Spanish or is familiar with the Mediterranean kitchen, escapes from a breast blissful mmmmmm he puts fingers on a hand, brings them to lips and kisses air.

Paeeeya.... It is unlikely its aroma can be mixed with any other dish.

Paeeeya - an onaaa . The speech power vanishes at any who beholds its beauty framed with metal edges of a frying pan with two, usually, red handles. Oh, these red handles!

Paeya . It is eaten in special cases, celebrating a significant event, on days off or on bachelor parties of the Spanish machoes.

Paeya is a ritual: ritual of preparation and ritual of consumption.

Paeya.... It is snack, the first, second and neet, Spaniards eat a dessert for good digestion, any more - nothing. Only paeya and wine - red, white, pink Mateusz or sangria, depending on components of a paeya, a season and tastes of her judges.

Paeya . As the shish kebab or pilaf, demands male hands.

Paeya . On one person she is not trained, so, this dish unites at a table.

About what tell when eat paeyyu? Only about a paeya! And only when eat paeyyu, passing by restaurant, you will understand that there eat paeyyu, having heard: Hmmmm Riqu í sima! (literally from Spanish - the richest !)

Ask any Spaniard: At what dish it is impossible to count the number of the existing recipes? Also you will hear in reply: Paeya! Only One valensiyets know how they claim, one thousand and one recipe of a paeya: with broth, black, national, with octopuses, vegetarian, fast, with sea cockleshells, from sosika, with cracklings, with a lobster, with a rabbit, with snails, with sauce All and Ollie (garlick sauce of house preparation), fish, from a boar and other game, it is already possible to continue the list almost indefinitely.

Ways of preparation of a paeya are also various: wind, on naked flame, prepared in a double boiler, in the microwave oven. It is possible to publish the big encyclopedic dictionary of recipes of a paeya.

The main ingredient of a paeya, as we know, - What fig. rice use for a paeya? the Most widespread - grade rice Bomb coming from Valencia, further - any round, wild, for special judges of a paeya - rice from Albufer`s lake.

Invariable ingredients , besides rice: olive oil, saffron, tomato, ground red sweet pepper, water.

Practically in each family there is an own recipe of a paeya, and it is descended. Do not share family recipes, and secrets of preparation are strictly kept in memory of their owners.

Each chef has the recipe of a paeya. Each restaurant keeps the secret of a paeya.

What paeya is more tasty? Try and you judge: Valencian, Catalan, alikantiysky, Canary, Patagonian, Argentina, Panama, Portuguese - one more proof: it not only Spanish.

Only for you and only today my confidential recipe of a paeya (adapted for our strip) on 4 persons:

For broth:

of 1 kg of shrimp fish;

of 250 g of shrimps;

1,5 liters of water;

1 bay leaf;

of 2 chicken cubes.

For a paeya:

4 full of a handful of round rice;

of 9 - 10 ladles of broth;

2 banks of subsmoked cockleshells;

of 4 crude royal shrimps or 8 ordinary shrimps;

1 chicken cube;

of 2 red sweet pepper;

1 big bulb;

3 carcasses of a squid;

4 heads of garlic;

1/3 of a glass of olive oil;

2 tablespoons of flour with a hill;

of 15 g of stamens of a saffron or 5 g of a ground saffron;

4 tablespoons of tomato paste (is more tasty with ketchup).

So, broth (about 45 minutes) cooks, fish and shrimps is cooled, cleared, they are postponed for the time being, and broth is filtered.

In a big frying pan (if there is an opportunity to get to a paeyer ( paellera ) it is better in it), on strong fire the vegetables and squids cut in cubes are fried in olive oil, flour is added, everything is fried with flour. Further are added to frying a cockleshell and 1 - 2 ladle of the prepared broth. At once rice follows, chicken cubes, a saffron from above crumble, the remained broth joins, ketchup is added. Everything is extinguished on average fire about 20 minutes. Now time to add the boiled fish and shrimps, to mix everything came. To lay out from above royal shrimps and to extinguish still 5 - 10 minutes, the shrimps who are laid out from above, to turn that they prepared from two parties.

¡ Buen provecho! Bon appetit!