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How to arrange the child - the room, or Organize to the child space for growth of

All fathers and mothers dream of that at them chadika there was own corner in the apartment. And it is even better - the room, the benefit the certain nursery not a rarity presently any more. So things are easy: to equip it in due form.


FURNITURE. Classical (it optimum) the option is a table, a case, a dresser with drawers, regiments or racks. The last are very convenient that they take not enough place and at the same time are rather capacious. It is possible to push into them not only obligatory books, toys, but also a set of trifles without which childish life is boring and senseless.

FLOOR. It has to be warm, nonslipping and hygienic. To all these conditions there corresponds, for example, the laminated parquet. It is also possible to use linoleum or a stopper. And here to carpets and carpets in the nursery not the place. In them for months various microbes are capable to remain: staphylococcus, streptococci, salmonellas, diphtheritic stick and everyone other unfriendly living creatures .

COLOUR. Huge value has color of wall-paper and furniture. So, for example, large number white, gray and metallic causes despondency. And if your younger generation is already inclined to periodic leaving in - it is better to avoid a similar color. Will approach vital orange far better or it is solar - yellow. And here in the room where the active child, " lives; coloring walls, on the contrary, has to be balanced, without sharp contrasts. You remember: yellow, salad, pink shades, as well as tone of a natural tree, stabilize mood, install optimism. Green stimulates appetite, and orange induces to communication. The main thing - not to be overzealous.

LIGHT. Lighting of the nursery has to be soft and friendly. You should not use lamps with the lamp shade from transparent glass: they tire eyes. It is better to prefer dairy - the white plafonds giving evenly diffused light. Also do not forget that creation in the room of comfort and a cosiness requires not less than three light sources located at the different levels. the FAN - SHUI CHILDLY

A now several councils for admirers the fan - Shuya:

1. Choosing space for growth consider that too big room can cause in the child feeling of vulnerability, and too small - downtroddennesses. That the most favorable place for the nursery - the middle of the apartment. And that dwelling the kid it is desirable to have near a bedroom of parents or the nurse.

2. Balanced children will suit east sector of the apartment more. This part of the world represents development. While hyper vigorous children feel in the western sector more comfortably.

3. No factors should limit growth of your child: heavy dark home decoration, too low ceiling, bad lighting of the room. Even the dry branches and naked trunks of trees looking in windows can badly affect emotional development of the kid and his mood.

4. When the schoolboy sits at a desk, it should not to attack any corners. And that in the head wind did not walk and it was easier to concentrate, do not put a table on draft, especially power (an arrangement on the line a door - a window).

5. For progress in uchebe development of intelligence answers North - the East. It is possible to strengthen this sector of the nursery by means of crystals. So the small collection of minerals, crystal or quartz is capable not only to decorate an interior, but also to serve kind service.

6. And here to help the child to learn to communicate with peers, pay attention to Hugo - the West. Here it is good work any pair objects: candlesticks, dolls, wall masks or decorative figurines.


CHILDREN`S LABORATORY. Allocate couple of shelves in the room and safely banish the various objects necessary for satisfaction of children`s inquisitiveness here: magnets, idle phones, magnifying glasses, field-glasses, calculator That is, all that it is not a pity to untwist, dismember and break completely any more to understand how it is arranged. It not only will send informative activity of the kid to the constructive course, but also will preserve objects more expensive to your heart.

SACK of GOOD DEEDS. to you needs the real sack and unlimited quantity color a pebble or large buttons. Further - it is simple: the rebyatenok washed the cup - throw together with it into a sack a light button, suspended a cat for a tail - dark. At the same time surely explain to him why the act is considered good or bad. Calculation dobra and evils it is made together in a weekend.

CASE of FINDS. Let it will be even not a case, but a specially allotted shelf on which yours why-asker and it is even better - all family members, will bring and put all unusual that found in world around: multi-colored pebble, interesting root of a tree, beautiful leaf etc. It will allow to develop observation and the imagination.

the CORNER of the LOST THINGS. In such corner adults and children carry everything that found lying not on the place: from a plush hare to the father`s handle and grandfather`s a slipper. It will give invaluable help, both in search of the gone things, and in concentration education. By the way, not only child, but also your own.

ART GALLERY. All children like to draw. It is an axiom. So even if from your Kolya, Vanya, Petya Van Gogh will never turn out, or fie, fie, Salvador Dali, is not an occasion to refuse to it lawful pleasure. It is very simple to create conditions for creativity: on one of walls couple of big sheets of a Whatman paper fasten, and pencils and paints are put nearby. In total. Now, the main thing not to forget to change " from time to time; cloths and to admire masterpieces . So all to you good, dare!