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How the homeless child`s son with an experience became the great actor?

are on October 6 exactly 10 years as with us there is no most talented Soviet and Russian actor Rolan Antonovich Bykov.

It entered each Soviet house since the childhood. Many of us grew up on his matchless Barmaley in Aybolit - 66 Bykov in the movie " played; About the Little Red Riding Hood in Buratino`s Adventures and in many other movies for children.

And our parents admired skillfully played Acacius Bashmachnikov in Gogol Overcoats Ivan Karjakin from the movie Two companions " Served; then there was an inimitable father Fedor in the movie 12 chairs Mark Zakharov, and that absolutely miracle: Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev from the movie Grey wolves .

He bylochen is harmonious as the actor, masterovit as the director, and as the person it literally was adored on any shooting stage. It was always moderately tactful where it is necessary is fun-loving, but is always built, on the other hand - it accurately caught mood of other person and at once hurried to it to the aid if felt that the colleague feels a certain discomfort.

The hero of the time

his father - Anton Bykov - was the real mold of the uneasy beginning of the XX century. Having early been left without care of parents, besprizornichat, at tender teenage age, having learned that war with the German began, decided to reach the " front; hare . It quite managed it. But it was succeeded to do some fighting with Austrians only not for long: got to an environment and it was grabbed by the opponent. Escaped from the Austrian prisoner-of-war camp, made the way to the without knowledge of language, however, to spend the night in the field to it was not to get used.

With a victory of a socialist revolution in October, 1917 - go without hesitation rose in defense of the Soviet power, battled in a cavalry regiment desperately, felt in native elements, his fearlessness and in something recklessness was caused at the same time by respect and fear in red commanders, and it is even more at enemies.

Beauty and horror of the world

of It racer in full operation the beauty of Olenyok, the intelligent girl who struck the daredevil the faultless manners, the recitation of verses and thin knowledge of French stopped. He fell in love without memory, she looked narrowly at him long, first of all, having taken the floor that he on trifles will not risk himself in fight

Anton tried, but from this anything it was impossible. She became angry and uttered: I do not want to become a widow on the first week of joint life . But it attracted as a magnet: everything around it raged, was decked by bright paints, and without it the world seemed gray and boring. God saved the red commander Anton Bykov, sent him in the wife to Olenyok, but did not change its nature, for fun she always called it horror of the world, shame of the nature .

He did not see reason and in military academy - clashed with timeservers who then were enough, unfortunately, among the administration too. As a result the family of the red commander went to the well-known Kushka (an extreme southern point of the USSR) where Anton Bykov had to change a position of the director of sheep-breeding state farm for a role of the commander of guerrilla group soon. In the afternoon in these parts the power was Soviet, and at night - basmatch. It was necessary to open military operations against enemies

On return to Moscow of Anton Bykov did not arrest and did not shoot as most of his colleagues on Cavalry. Moreover, entrusted an important party post, but, as they say, not to carry corn, during hot discussion violent Anton did not sustain and started a chair in the first secretary of the Moscow city town committee of party. How he was not arrested for violation of party discipline - a riddle

He left the director of one of the Moscow plants, and from the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, having sent the enterprise to evacuation, itself ran in a military registration and enlistment office, registered the volunteer, and left to dig entrenchments and to protect the capital All in the father For what I so in detail tell


about Anton Bykov`s biography? Only in order that it became clear to whom went low, but the fighter to the core, Rolan. In Moscow where the family before war lived in a communal flat, the elder brother Hera, was always a share - the boy, and here younger - Rolan - knew all our street all vicinities. It was often used as stool pigeon for unleashing of fights: it safely lifted up boys is more senior than itself(himself), and then from nowhere the guys interceded for it

In evacuation at 13 - summer Rolan opened Sivilla`s gift it told the adult the fortunes of their husbands who left on the front, brothers and sons, often money for these sessions of anticipation was the main source of the income. But to return to Moscow the young predictor so undermined the nervous system that it appeared in hospital of Kashchenko.

And in actors it went in 1947, for many years played the ordinary Soviet guy deprived, maybe, of special talent, but very conscientious and striving for knowledge. And, grabbed any roles, it is more at them on the course shone only Mikhail Ulyanov.

A thorny road

I all - its way to theater, cinema and direction was not covered only with roses. Most often it had to step barefoot heels not on gentle petals, and on sharp thorns. What is costed by the statement of the Minister of Culture Ekaterina Furtseva who saw Bykov as Pushkin! She just called it the freak

But Rolan very much reminded the father: same explosive, impulsive, never taking off caps before authorities, the powers that be. Once, when he was going to be engaged in direction, Bykov called not somebody, and to Mikhail Romm and thrust upon a meeting with it. In half an hour of conversation at Romm the head began to spin: he could not understand who before it, the madman or the genius? But then came to a conclusion: in total - the genius.

I think, there is no sense to tell about all peripetias of the biography of Rolan Bykov. Will best of all tell movies in which he acted or which removed about it. I remember what shock for many Soviet people was a movie Effigy in which the girl - the teenager the juvenile daughter of Alla Pugacheva - Christina Orbakaite debuted at cinema. Its creative duet with the master of the Soviet cinema Yury Nikulin just shakes. In 1983, externally still very safe for the Soviet power, this movie was, like a bolt from the blue. And in it Maxim Gorky`s appeal is already clearly felt: The Storm, let will burst a storm rather!

To me as early as years fifteen!

fifteen years Later doctors found lung cancer in Bykov. He did not give up, he fought, he was broken off on tens of pieces, trying to keep up everywhere: and on a shooting stage, and in the Center of cinema, and tried to help friends. When Leonid Filatov needed urgent and expensive operation, one of the first Bykov to the aid rushed. It and drugs scarce got, and called up to the best European doctors, consulting

In August, 1998 the recovering Filatov and one of his saviors Rolan Bykov met in sanatorium Barvikha . At parting Rolan Antonovich sighed and told: To me as early as years 15 to live. Or at the worst - 10 . But God to it measured slightly less than two months