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To go down stream? This my hobby

I Prefer to float on life on a back and not to move. I float. I look at the sky, I admire fancy clouds. White on blue - beauty! Warm wind caresses my rare hair, something soft very quietly tickles an ear.

Soft already bothers. I turn the head and before eyes that which never sinks. It is rather on the coast - to be washed! I delete soft and sticky, I look around - suddenly I will find some thrown watercraft. There is nothing. Only chips, foam and dirt.

And on the river of life such magnificent boats slowly float. Enviably! to blackness in eyes. I do not look at the sky any more. I look at the river and I envy: all people as people, float to themselves - who on the boat who on a raft. The family floats, filled up the whole launch with products and spit overboard. On those who like me. And I - angry, hungry, naked and dirty.

From rage there is a wish to take something heavy in hand, to enter an image of the pirate and on a boarding! I look for heavy ashore. Found the hammer, nearby the hacksaw rolls, someone carefully covered nails.

I am situated on the bank of the river, I hold the hammer in one hand, in another - a hacksaw. Eyes I look for the victim, is! The suitable boat, in it only one floats, and it, looking at me, friendly waves a hand: May god speed you!.

Strange. I have a spiteful ugly face of the robber, let without clothes, but in tool hands. Of intention predatory - all have to be afraid. And he is not afraid. Welcomes. Probably, to the robber it is not similar. Then on whom?

It is similar to a grief - the handicraftsman, to the shoemaker without boots, to the tailor without trousers. But all the same, on the handicraftsman. On that which the hands life builds. Let hands rigid, coarsened from work, let all palms in callosities and in grazes, but it is my hands - the master`s hands.

I hold the hammer, a hacksaw in hand and I look at life... which flows by.

Something changed. Probably, my relation to the events - I do not want to be the pirate, there was a wish to become the carpenter! Right now. To make the sound boat and to float further. To the sea blue! There on boundless open spaces magnificent yachts stately float. The sun gilds sails, and waves sigh, remembering something... There it is good, and there it is necessary to me.

Now - the boat to construct the main thing. I am not able - I will learn! I will learn to build the life and to float, operating, and I will be tired - I will have a rest. If a right course, then it is possible to go down also stream... but only it is short. On the way there are so much obstacles - only also manage to turn aside. To turn aside from struggles of life also difficult, as well as from sharp thresholds in the raging stream.

What waits for me in the next second? I do not know.

I know another - my boat strong, reliable, and I am ready to impudent adventures. I believe that I should make a life long fascinating trip. The travel filled with bright events and impressions.

takes the Breath away from the forthcoming turns of destiny and reefs of uncertainty. But I am not afraid of obstacles...

Ya I am not afraid to live!

To go down stream? This my hobby I float. I look at the sky, I admire fancy clouds. White on blue - beauty! Fresh wind fills sails and waves joyfully part, opening a way