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What it is necessary to know about children`s teeth? What

to mother is not pleasant to see the child happy and smiling? Nearly first of all the smile depends on health of teeth of the child. What does each mother have to know about children`s teeth to keep a healthy smile of the kid?

Growth and development of a children`s organism depends, first of all, on good, good nutrition. And here digestion of nutrients - from operation of the chewing device. By means of teeth the food is exposed to primary machining. Both jaws (lower and top), teeth, language, lips, cheeks and chewing muscles enter the chewing device. Those places a mouth where teeth settle down, call alveolar shoots of jaws.

Directly depends on a dental health communication: with their help sounds and loss separate, especially forward are formed, teeth, considerably affects a pronunciation. It should be taken into account esthetic function of teeth - if they are absent or the bite is broken, features are considerably distorted. The first teeth at the child begin to be cut through in 6 - 8 months, and this process by 2 - 2,5 years comes to an end. As soon as at the child it is issued dairy smile it should be shown to the children`s stomatologist. The doctor will be able to define a condition of enamel and character of a bite, to give to parents a valuable advice on care of children`s teeth.

For example, such. Enamel of the first teeth of the child very much gentle and it is difficult to brush such teeth. It is reasonable to protect them from harmful effects by means of special sealant which is applied on a milk tooth right after a prorezyvaniye. The minerals which are contained in sealant feed enamel, the surface becomes more equal and convenient for clarification.

of the First, milk or temporary teeth has to be 20, and contrary to a popular belief, the milk teeth affected with caries need to be treated as not cured milk tooth can affect on following it constant.

By 5,5 years milk teeth are gradually loosened, drop out, and by 6 years replacement by constants begins. This process lasts till 14 years inclusive until the number of teeth reaches norm - 32: in the beginning appear big radical, cutters, then small radical, canines and the second molars. Already later appear wisdom teeth or third big molars.

It is necessary to watch terms of a prorezyvaniye of second teeth carefully, they will serve the child all life . As a rule, second teeth begin to appear through one - two weeks after parting with dairy. If this process is late about one month and more - it is necessary to find out the reasons. Perhaps, second teeth do not hurry from - for shortages of the place. And teeth remain inside occupy the space of the next tooth or are bent. The curvature if not to correct it in time, can deliver a heap of efforts with a bite in the future.

the Exact diagnosis and a way of correction will be defined by the children`s orthodontist. By the way, if second tooth in any way does not want to appear, but for a long time time doctors do a x-ray picture and, proceeding from results help to it to be cut through by means of special procedures.

Very often after a prorezyvaniye on children`s teeth remains a black, gray or transparent film. It is not shortage of vitamins and not bad heredity. It is the condensed layer which often characterizes food coloring. In house conditions this film cannot be removed, but the doctor by means of a special brush will make it quickly and without serious consequences.