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Waited? Paul McCartney in Israel

Instead of the preface

The Embassy of Israel in Great Britain disproved information that the state apologized to The Beatles for cancellation of a concert in 1965, Associated Press reports.

the Message that the Embassy of Israel will send letters with apologies to Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and relatives of John Lennon and George Harrison was published in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth a few days ago.

Now it became known that apologies did not follow, however the ambassador Ron Prosor (Ron Prosor), as well as it was reported earlier, invited Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to Israel. Musicians are offered to make a speech at the action devoted 60 - to the anniversary of the state.

the Concert of The Beatles which had to take place in Israel in 1965 was cancelled from - for the insufficient budget and confidence of some politicians that performance of group will badly affect younger generation .

on September 28, 2008. Park Ayarkon - a usual venue of mass actions. Here as if a natural amphitheater on which slopes about 20 thousand people are located and tickets it was sold as speak and write, 50 thousand (the price - from 500 to 1500 shekels or from 150 to 450 dollars). For such number of the people the new platform, near old was prepared. On it put stands, between stands and a scene there was a glade, free from furniture, on which the people just stood.

The huge metal construction over the same enormous scene held tens of searchlights, loudspeakers and other equipment. Projection screens hung on two telescopic elevators on both sides of a scene. On them close up showed to all audience Paul, his actors and showed fragments of movies about Beatles .

The people began to gather in two hours before. Traffic jams begin for 5 - 6 kilometers of park. 8 o`clock in the evening, time to begin. But stands are not filled yet. Half an hour more - begins a concert, there are no empty seats -.

Beyond limits auditorium - the people have less, than in auditorium : everything is heard. And - and it is well visible to those who took a good viewing position. Of course, the distance does not give the chance to see what occurs on a scene, at best it is possible to distinguish silhouettes and shadows. But why projection screens - on them sir Paul McCartney close up, his musicians and times - the auditorium.

Those who not really tried to see everything took a position on the earth: someone brought a laying, someone chairs. Someone hops, all echo. Drive by bicycles and one by one, and couples.

Holiday! For those who arrived here today it is a unique opportunity: almost with absolute confidence it is possible to tell that Paul McCartney will not go on tour in Israel any more.

Two hours - from the beginning of a concert till its end - sir Paul sang, sang alive, accompanied himself on a guitar and on keys. He is 66 years old, but its mobility and flexibility - an envy subject for many at this age. The actor in shape - and to these almost everything is told.

Closer by 10 in the evening we began to move to an exit (to it quite far, several honeycombs of meters), but continuation of performance of Paul slowed down our way, we continually stopped to listen, and even to twitch. At the same time it was interesting to observe public. Among elderly people whose idol were " in due time; Beatles its songs caused so strong desire to dance that even painful backs could not prevent it. Directly before us a married couple of years under 60 (or perhaps is also more senior). She with a shawl on a waist dances something like a twist, and he repeats its movements.

Aside, on a clearing, the trio of maidens hops in beat songs. On a grass the family with the chest kid who sleeps for a long time sits. The father growth under two meters dances with the ten-year-old daughter, shows her a pas. Suddenly there is a cameraman and begins to remove them. Near it - the shchuplenky girl in whom we recognize the host of musical programs 9 of the channel (the Russian channel) of television of Israel. The marine asks: 9th channel? . The chamber is deployed on us, and Katya asks on our impressions. Finally - a picture for memory.

Epilog: as report, one of leaders of Islamic fundamentalists Omar Bacri Mohammed (Omar Bakri Mohammed) declared that if his life is expensive to the musician, it should not come to Israel as suicide bombers will wait for it . He said in interview to the British tabloid Express that the decision to act in Israel does to McCartney enemy of all Muslims . If his life is expensive to it, then it should not come to Israel. Instead of supporting the suffering Palestinians, McCartney preferred to celebrate crimes of invaders. The friend of our enemy - too our enemy - the Islamist emphasized.

McCartney declared already earlier that he will not begin to cancel the performance in Israel, despite any excuses and threats.