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What the psychologist and as treat him is engaged in?

to Sege I in turn in some establishment also hear once conversation of two women, both years under forty.

One speaks: My son, the blockhead to study as the psychologist went, I do not understand his choice, well will sit trousers to wipe in an office!

Another echoes: Yes, at me here the niece studies as the psychologist too, in general is unclear where she will find work who will pay it for this nonsense!

The first continues: Yes! Precisely! What else for psychology was invented, we lived without it so many years and it was fine!

The interlocutor answers: Exactly! All this strongly smells of mysticism, for weaklings is thought up also fools!

At that time your obedient the servant already studied at the first year, received a profession educational psychologist .

Of this sort dialogues to me quite often should be heard still. And when I meet someone, in general reaction happens strange.

For example, one young man, having learned that I study as the psychologist, was frightened and escaped. Then he explained to me that the psychologist at school bit it once! Yes, I do not exaggerate, bit!

Or, for example, when I tell the new acquaintances as whom I study, me immediately ask to solve their problems, even without having told about these problems.

There were in my practice of communication also cases when my new acquaintances just asked to glance in their eyes and right there to read thoughts, to make a psychological portrait.

Well I all hey yeah about! Such funny things happen to my colleagues not less often. And everything from - for what? Yes besides from - for novelty, psychology youth as science and as practicians in our country.

to our People is more habitual to share the troubles and problems with the friend, the relative, even, I will not be afraid to tell, with a bottle not milk, of course.

In the West would not pass this number any more! The American girlfriend does not need problems, she would tell: Listen, the girlfriend that you load me! Problems - go to the psychologist!

Is cruel? Yes, it is perhaps cruel, but such is culture. I do not say

Ya that our warm-heartedness is bad that it is not necessary to share a grief and troubles with friends and relatives, I want to tell only: the professional psychologist could not only listen that, certainly, is very important, but also to develop together with you a way, tactics, strategy of a solution.

In - the first, the psychologist will keep, at least, is obliged to keep in secret all you will tell him of. (Principle of anonymity and confidentiality).

In - the second, the psychologist will not begin to lament, sigh, gasp, assent together with you, and will try to look objectively at your difficulties a new view.

B - the third, the psychologist will give you the chance to be uttered slowly, will listen, without complaining, without hurrying. Such work at it.

B - the fourth, cooperating with the psychologist, you will solve the problems; the expert will only help to mobilize your forces, resources, will support, together with you will choose the direction, a way to elimination of difficulties.

B - the fifth, intuition, a knowledge of life, a friend advice - it is healthy, but, you see, professional knowledge, reasonable actions, scientific and practical experience of the psychologist - all - is better.

Whoever you asked for the help, the girlfriend, the priest, the astrologer and the psychologist, the main thing that your alarms and grieves remained behind.