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Why parents are dissatisfied with a sex of the child? Costing

in children`s shop recently, I saw there the pregnant woman who looked at a rozovenky children`s suit and cried... It somehow surprised me. Usually future mummies examine clothes for the expected kids with a smile upon the face, with affection, and here tears...

In several days I met this woman at a playground where she walked with the senior child. There we got to talking a little. I asked it about that case in shop, and her answer even shocked me a little.

It appears, she madly wanted to give birth to herself to one more girl, and on ultrasonography she was told that there will be a boy. And now she is angry with herself, with the husband and even with yet not been born child for the fact that he (most likely) will be a boy! On a question why she does not want the boy, I received short Even I do not know... And in such mood it went nearly a month. And a month more 1,5 at it was ahead.

At me the fact that mother practically hates the own child only that he " long did not go in; not that floor . Started talking on this subject to the girlfriend who works as the psychologist, and she told me that quite often to it pregnant women with such problems come.

Of course, each person has the hopes and plans concerning a sex of future child. But if dreams and reality disperse, someone pogrustit just a little and all the same will begin to rejoice appeared to the baby, and someone will treat it, as the tragedy.

Why some parents so seriously treat the one who at them will be born? There are several reasons for which men and women are so anxious with this question.

Still many men consider that the birth of the son is an indicator of a man`s solvency in the opinion of people around. Someone thinks that it is necessary to give birth to the boy that the sort proceeded. And if one daddy just a little is upset from the fact that the daughter, but not the son was born, then another can to the bitter end try to get the desired son. And his poor wife for each born daughter can have sense of guilt before the beloved husband.

When in a family there are already children, parents want the same one more child or an opposite sex. Sometimes this results from the fact that parents already have an experience of the treatment of little girls or boys and things from the senior child some else remained and can be useful. Someone just loves only boys. Someone, having once tinkered with the boy, decides for himself that it will not master one more such time and now he needs to give birth to the girl.

Happens also so that the birth of the child of the defined sex is waited by grandmothers and grandfathers. At some it is already simple to eat granddaughters and now you their only hope for emergence lacking grandsons. The constant reflections aloud how it would be remarkable if at you at last the girl is born, they can strongly press on future parents that can cause in them the mass of unpleasant emotions, up to sense of guilt if is born not that child.

Do not forget that the baby, still being in a stomach at mother, sensitively feels her mood. And if the pregnant woman strongly worries from the fact that her child not such as she wanted, it will not do him good. So accept news of the one who at you will be born, it is easy and joyful that it was good also to you, and your kid.