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Advertizing - to believe or not???

Hello, dear visitors of this website!

Every time when on the TV begins the advertizing block, I have a question - advertizing is really the engine of trade or it is the next peculiar scam? Let`s try to understand. Many visitors of this resource can remember that in the Soviet Union of commercials there were only three:

1. Drink Soviet shampansy

2. You store money in the Savings bank

3. Fly by planes of Aeroflot

I ALL!!!!! Much it will be strange

, but in those days I under a table on foot went, but the most interesting that I remember! And what now? Now on the TV viewer advertizing tons pour out, from this infinite stream only of percent 20 advertize really reliable information about goods or service. I will not mention advertizing of small firms now - these firms thousands. Let`s take for example advertizing of large, global manufacturers something.

the Microsoft Company - the largest producer of the software as it is called still - the software giant! And here immortal Bill Gates`s child begins the overactive advertizing company on advance of a new operating system - Windows Vista! What statements delalis:samy best protection against spam, viruses etc. The result - an OS works through a stub - a pack, the lot of programs of the third-party producer does not work with it, plus Vista very strongly loads the computer and if to yours to the friend more than 2 - x years do not even try to put to Vista there then you will be exhausted. But Gates associates actively push through

to whist in the people. Active advertizing does the part - people begin to buy but then in 2 - 2,5 months after the beginning of official sales whists - at all forums of the Internet there is so much negative information on whist that sales sharply fall, but advertizing made the business... Or we will take

the loudest premiere of week - ifone phone from the American company Apple - the iPhone for that time that went to us to Russia turned