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Which of James Cook`s ship`s boys forever remained on a Canada map?

on October 5, 1793, 215 years ago, one of the English researchers arrived to the Canadian island of Nutk located on the Pacific coast. What he thought at that moment of what he remembered?

Perhaps, how many years ago, still the ship`s boy, he participated in expedition of the famous captain James Cook when that tried to break through to the South Pole, without knowing that ahead the whole ice continent. When the famous traveler was convinced of impossibility to continue further advance, he gave command to turn back. And the ship`s boy George, protesting against it, with monkey dexterity climbed up to the very top of a bowsprit of the ship and began to shout something unclear from there. To it, of course, flew from the captain later, but he all life was proud of the fact that was closer to the South Pole, than someone another than

Or that its way in captains turned out awfully long though in England of the end of the 18th century it also could not be other: to serve to the captain, it was necessary to pass for a start examinations for the lieutenant, and then to climb up an office ladder a step behind a step. But to become the lieutenant without big state and strong links, it was necessary to plow several years from early age open spaces of the World Ocean. With the same James Cook our hero in six years where only did not visit: and in New Zealand, and to Tahiti, on Kamchatka, on Alaska and, at last, in Hawaii...

Or that George in far from 1793 in 1779 took out the body of the captain Cook split into pieces with savages, and then betrayed it to the raging waters, as well as it is necessary to the great seafarer the Englishman with the Dutch roots

George was born

in the English Norfolk in 1757 in a family of the customs inspector. His great-grandfather was Dutch and came from a rich family which owned the lock, ancient and very important from the strategic point of view, on eastern frontier with Germany. But the same great-grandfather married the Englishwoman and located with the spouse and children in England. The father of George married the girl from an old family of the county, but by this time the family was fairly impoverished.

As it was already told, from 14 years it the ship`s boy went together with James Cook, and to the lieutenant`s position it went long 9 years. Then, after Cook`s death, he was made in this rank, and in memory of the boss is appointed the captain Diskaveri on which once plowed the seas with the captain Cook.

But we will return to the events remote from lieutenant youth of George at least for 9 years. In 1789 Spaniards decided to occupy Nutk`s island, established the mail there, and three English ships which arrived to the island simply neutralized. Crews of vessel were flung in prison, but this news reached London nearly a year later. Then expedition in which also our hero was appointed was equipped.

Lands opened, but did not bring people... Should tell

that in those far times any of the countries wishing to stake out the huge territory from California to Alaska, had on it neither force, nor means. And the most important - such large number of the people capable of self-renunciation, on isolation from the homeland, for the sake of doubtful wealth. And all - George persistently surveyed this huge site of the territory for the sake of the future of the country. He believed that this part of the Pacific coast will forever belong to England. In any case, he applied for the sake of it all the forces.

From time to time he met sites of the coast on which either the Spanish, or Russian flags fluttered on the island. But George was a thin diplomat, he understood that armed conflicts will not lead to anything good, and therefore always preferred to kind quarrel a patched-up peace. In particular, with the head of the Spanish expedition captain Kvadro he established friendly relations, captains had often dinner each other, practically always verified sketches so full research of the island and drawing up its card is possible by the right to divide for two for

Diplomacy instead of war

In the first years the name of the island carried two a name at once. But after a while the name of Kvadro was cleaned as Spain it was obvious not before derivation of any forces on the transatlantic earth, in the neighboring France after revolution was extremely restless. Did not feel in perfect security from the Corsican - upstarts and British, but they, as they say, waited, did not begin to break ahead of time. Speak, from - for the fact that George disobeyed some order from the Admiralty

He still investigated new lands and very willingly gave names to passages, capes, mountain tops on names of members of the team. By the way, these names remained on a Canada map and still

However, in 1796 urgently recalled George to England to bring against it criminal case. Too many complaints collected at team of its expedition. Sailors and officers persistently repeated that they were exposed to cruel flogging at the most insignificant violation. But the rigid discipline was caused by the fact that the seafarer wanted to leave behind as much as possible. And goodness knows, suddenly he had a presentiment that its hours are almost considered the Wreath from grateful descendants

business did not come

To court because someone counted that, since departure in 1791, vessels under George`s leadership crossed about 105 000 kilometers under a sail. From 180 people who were with expedition everything, except five dead, safely came back to England. On one person a year in the conditions of difficult researches, is extremely good result.

George was left alone and ordered it to prepare all the sketches and the detailed story about what it worked until the very last day on. And if not the help of the brother John, hardly the English admiralty would receive such exhaustive picture

the Seafarer died on May 10 (according to other data - on May 12) 1798, without having lived also till 41 year. But every year in day of his death from the two-million Canadian city bearing his name bring a special wreath on behalf of the mayor and city council.

Yes, nearly forgot to call its surname. It is Vancouver .