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How for the first time in life to make gerkulesovy porridge?

In the world exist fifteen thousand kinds of porridges, and the most widespread of them - in the head. But today we will undertake the most heroic of them.

To set aside complaints and threats of violence! Today we will do without blood and beefsteaks and we will keep a healthy lifestyle in our hearts.

We take Recipe-book of the bachelor the section devoted to the Russian porridges. Here it is cited the book In old times grandfathers " edat; the Russian writer V. G. Vorobyov (it is given not completely): ... the Working people do not attach significance to meat at all as to nutrient; vodka is preferred, for example, to meat in every respect. But I cannot tell that it were drunkards. The guilty person, I will prefer the lunch consisting of a glass of vodka, Russian cabbage soup with fat and porridges, to the lunch consisting of Russian cabbage soup, meat, porridge, but without vodka .

Authors show miracles of logical thinking: say, the writer proved to these that the Russian person will prefer to do meatless, than without " porridge;. I do not keep up with their logic and therefore I call to the aid clever porridge.

As warm-up it is offered to extract ingredients - oat flakes of Hercules, sugar, salt, milk, an oil piece. Having a little become puzzled of price of milk (yes beer costs almost as much!) we come back to the operating room.

We prepare tools: the pan (enameled definitely does not suit for beginners, do not check), a shaman tambourine a spoon. It is quite good to hold near at hand a glass - the ratio of grain and liquid defines a final consistence of porridge. Flakes - not " grain; you will tell on what I parry: Everything only begins .

We pour a little water into a pan - has to help from burning. Hm, it is a little . Frankly speaking, itself finished physics - technical and therefore I prefer unambiguous instructions. It is so much that closed a bottom. And it is great that it is necessary to wash out and touch nothing?

Now we pour out milk; I risked liter, and you? I measure in a glass put (on a pack the constant is written down) - a glass of flakes to we rub liquids. For rice and buckwheat handbooks give 2:3 and 1:2. If you have the German accuracy, here it will be by the way.

By the way, you know what found porridges on a national sign?

Gomi (to set aside snickers, the Georgian porridge), poridzh (the English porridge, the sir), a mokhor (semi-fluid porridge from peas, Uzbek cuisine), a hominy (dark, Moldavians and Romanians have a business), polenta (made in Italy). Koreans, being adherents of healthy food, enriched world cookery with porridge from pine nuts.

The Russian people note that and) You will not feed the Man without porridge and b) And the simpleton will cook Porridge - there would be a particle yes is found . Therefore occur among other 14994 recipes entirely ours : from barley, oats, rye, wheat, millet, a buckwheat, rice, a polba; flour lovely to hearing: toloknyakha, salamakha, kulaga, gorokhovka, zavarikha, gustushka. With mushrooms, nuts, fruit, fish, meat, sauces you look for

behind how milk prepares in escape? Throw to it salt and sugar that did not miss. I leave couple of teaspoons of sugar and an insignificant trifle of salt. Began to boil? We fill up flakes (better at once to get used to do it as you understand a combination thin stream ) stirring slowly. We diminish fire.

On a Herculean package 15 - 20 minutes for cooking are measured, but in practice it will turn out quicker. Periodically stir slowly and in general, watch behavior of milk! I looked for information on the milk svorachivayemost reasons, and this crafty liquid brought me serially on a forum of addicts with their hempy problems, on the website of Krishnaites and on a page Motherhood .

... Flakes inflated, milk became much less, hours measured twelve minutes or more. We switch off, we throw an oil piece, we wrap up with a towel. If you are fingered by hungry members of household, answer that porridge has to will rest . Learn the word, and work sure intonation in advance.

Now it is time to kashnichat ! Of course, flakes could be cooked in water to a vykipaniye of it, and to save and fill in milk later. It was possible to add some fruit. But all this will be then when it wants new feats and a variety.

And finally sign. In the Volynsk province peasants on the eve of Christmas at supper threw the last spoon of a kolivo into a ceiling. If to a ceiling a lot of kolivo sticks, then in new year of business with beekeeping will successfully go.

With the coming pleasant appetite!