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How to make of the girlfriend the fan, or With darling paradise and... at stadium. Whether

such problem Is familiar to you: on the TV - a cup-final of cups, but the adored girlfriend of life - against! She needs to discuss with you something urgent, or - to watch favourite series, or - to mummy on pancakes, it is urgent and obligatory with you. It is thought, such situation happened to most of passive fans of sport.

And meanwhile everything is not hopeless. Today we will give to you several advice which if do not make your spouse the expert in blue lines and different other a penalty - matches, then will precisely lower degree of traditional female intolerance to such important part of the life of any man as sport. Probably, you also understand that it is simply not interesting to darling. And what you made that to change it? However, we will not stop on objective distinctions between men and women, and at once we will pass to practical recommendations.

You should not tire her brain with unnecessary details about rules and regulations. Pay attention to features of a form of players better, take an interest in her opinion on design of game sweaters, compare to other options known to you. It is also possible to discuss the sizes of the fees of various players, than not an occasion to force it to get accustomed more attentively to stars. Women by the nature are greedy for success. Subsequently, developing attack, you can open for it the sizes of the fees of stars of world sport. It will request a detail from you.

It is thought that you guessed the following step - gossips, rumors, okolosportivny news who with whom for how many. It is also possible to mention how it is fashionable at the modern advanced girls to visit tournaments personally. When becomes interested, to reduce. Let it will be convinced that you did not tell lies. On the next match she will ask with you, pretend that were surprised. If you are an active member of any brotherhood of fans, attach safely, ladies love feeling of participation.

Of course, extremes are possible. Sports stars look good, beautifully live, and they are really popular among fans. If you for any reason are afraid of the competition, it is possible to use one more cunning. Women are inclined be touched. Inadvertently pay its attention that, for example, Max Sushinsky is so similar to its favourite teddy bear. Everything, adjustment is made: in - the first, it is really similar, in - the second, her thoughts are directed in the direction which was more arranging you, remaining meanwhile in the necessary course. And now, when she will create - to herself an idol, rather maternal, than some others will move it instincts.

All above-stated actions will lead to the fact that primary interest will be fixed. And if you creatively continue begun, then once it will turn out that the wife better you understands names, statistics, rules and schedules. And precisely that unlike you she will identify players not according to number, and in a face. Your family will have a favorite team, squabbles from - for different understanding of the correct leisure will disappear. What we also wish you!

P. S. Maxim Sushinsky is the favourite hockey player of the author of article and will mention in the text in exclusively positive sense. At the time of writing is the right forward and the captain Moscow Dynamo .