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Virtual commerce. More simply!? More difficult!

Once I saw the favorable offer on sale of domain names in a network and decided to use it. If then I knew into what serious work it will turn...

And so, having been registered I saw, domains on service are on sale only for WebMoney. Ok, I somewhere had

the purse registered there with the zero sum on the account. About a year ago I already hopelessly tried to fill up this account from a credit card of MasterCard Virtual Alphabank which I got specially to pay calls from Skype on ordinary phones. Today second attempt.

Searches on the Internet guided me at a line in a forum: From a credit card it is POSSIBLE to transfer money To WebMoney, but only through a double exchange. At first from a credit card on money@mail. ru, and then through an exchanger on WebMoney . Aha, here it!

At first, I was registered on money@mail. ru, long read FAQ and Helps, penetrating into terminology and processes. At first bank service did not want to believe in existence of my card, and then all - charged the sum necessary to me off an account. Then in money@mail. ru from me took out all soul and all passport data to ensure safety of payment. Next day, when my data checked and I sent a photo of my credit card and a turn of the passport the sum appeared on the account money@mail. ru.

Ok! Money ovirtualitsya! Now things are easy. Ready to change money from the Mail found the only service in the WebMoney lists. Ru for rubles of WebMoney. And there was the most terrible...

On this service only 4 entry fields demanded from me information minimum: sum

of the translation, certain MoneyMail RUR E - mail number of a purse of WebMoney and the e-mail address on which the request for transaction confirmation will be sent. At first I long

dealt with the fact that it MoneyMail RUR E - mail all - very not the obvious principles of work at money the Mail. Ru. Then I long tried to substitute to entry fields different e - address mail, even registered for this purpose a mailbox on mail. ru, and service every time demanded from me the valid address. As a result, I returned to those data since which beginnings, and the diravine with service suddenly proceeded. I confirmed payment and bang! from - for some there failure transaction is suspended. I repeatedly filled a form in an exchanger and transfer happened. Instructions came to a contact e - a mail. And in money@mail. ru appeared the invoice for payment... even 2 invoices for payment!?

Identical... What to do?

Risk - a noble cause and I pay the bill first from below, money at me vanishes and...

do not appear anywhere.

- Devil! . I confirmed the first transaction which took place with a mistake and now my money of a podvisla somewhere in virtual emptiness! Aaa!

In a stomach missed a bit, hands grew cold...

I was rescued only by philanthrophy of the operator of support of service of an exchange who found out in what business and I was called back, transaction at last was carried out.

Ufff... It seems it turned out!


to me was necessary to pass 5 services, to wait days so far for me checked, to photograph and send documents. And it I still had a special duplicating credit card for fee on the Internet.

And who told who thought up this fable what all will make purchases through

the Internet soon? I spent three times more time five times more nerves than if got on the subway, reached and paid off cash on the place.


On the Internet is convenient to choose goods and to compare them, and then the correct decision will be to go, feel and if the real goods not too differ for the worse from virtual - a network image to give money.