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How to be prepared morally for Cesarean section? When future mother learns

during pregnancy that for any of several reasons childbirth at it will take place by means of surgery, not optimistic thoughts usually begin to soar in her head. Reflections about the forthcoming operation often prevent it to assess adequately a situation, and also to be prepared morally for it.

There is also other group of future mothers who consciously prefer to undergo Cesarean section in avoidance fire and brimstone natural childbirth, but also they often do not remain such cool when time of childbirth approaches. What future mummies should know about not to sadden for itself this unique instant of birth of the long-awaited kid?

In - the first , it is worth to remember that we have outside not Middle Ages when surgery in labor meant certain death for the woman in labor. In our century of development of medicine operation of Cesarean section on the complexity is equated (in any case, the western medicine) to operation on removal of almonds. The extract after this operation at a successful current of the recovery period occurs already on 5 - 6 - e days so even monotony of delivery room will not manage to bore you.

In - the second , though the probability that the child during operation can " exists; to take a sip a mother`s anesthesia (that is more probable at the general anesthesia, but not epiduralny), probability to receive at operation some mechanical injuries at it much below, than at the birth in the natural way when the newborn can suffer when passing in narrow patrimonial ways. This advantage is visible at once - C-section babies at the birth their estestvennorozhdenny fellows look, so to say, more nicely, than: heads remain round with them, and skin color pink.

Very often future mothers are also concerned by a question of whether it will be painful to them during operation. About it it is necessary to tell: in case of the general anesthesia during operation you will definitely not feel any feelings. And here in case of epiduralny anesthesia (when anesthetize only a lower body, and the woman in labor remains in consciousness) possibly feeling of a certain discomfort, but rather not painful character, but just emotional.

Why then not all choose the general anesthesia? - you ask. Simply it has minuses: the great opportunity for the child to inhale this anesthesia, longer otkhozhdeniye from this type of an anesthesia at mother, and also impossibility to stay near the newborn right after emergence it on light (though in this case it is possible that right after operation of the child will lay out on a breast to your husband if you chose partner childbirth).

One more option of forcing of negative thoughts concerning the forthcoming childbirth is the thought of future mummy that she after Cesarean section becomes a disabled person and that so and all will concern her (a pier, could not give rise, so to problem health etc.) . I dare to assure you: in a week after the delivery, all in cares of the kid, you will forget about all negative moments of operation. In 2 months doctors to you will allow to carry out even easy physical activities, in a year - you almost completely restore the health, and in 3 years - welcome on the birth of the new kid! And repeated childbirth after Cesarean section not always takes place in the same way - the modern medicine allows to carry out after Caesarian even natural childbirth.

Finally it would be desirable to specify that this article is not promotion of operation of Cesarean section at all. It is written only in order that it was easier for those future mummies who will not manage to avoid operation nevertheless to be adjusted and pass on it this difficult period. Do not forget - appearance of your kid on light is the most important event, and thoughts of it will nullify all your doubts and fears.

And for the biggest optimists I want to tell: if health and desire allows - by Cesarean section it is possible to give birth on average 2 - 3 times (at me personally two kids already grow up, but in the future there is a wish for two more children). So designate fears, be adjusted only on good, and everything at you will be excellent!