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Misunderstood sufferer . It is necessary to you, ladies?

Life became simply intolerable. It is impossible to trust anybody. That is, and earlier nobody could be trusted, but it was somehow trusted. Because there was no pickup earlier. No, it existed, of course, but not in a conceptual form and not in broad access. Were, there were coryphaeuses of a genre, there were theories of seduction, but - for the elite. Masses did not use them. Masses preferred the house, checked, a little clumsy methods and did not pay attention to thin psychological background of a seducing.

It is good that I already was above the tender age twenty with small . Otherwise to fall to me the victim of some intellectual - a pikaper, having accepted all his tricks for sincere love chuystvo . Well I like the eloquent, clever, persistent, much worried and slightly sad men. Mind is switched off, hearing gentle speeches. The ironic perception of reality takes a break. On a face the silly pensive smile blossoms, the look grows dim... Several red roses on the long stalks which are tied up by a gold ribbon, several clever and well-turned compliments kiss on a palm - and... Shekherezada Stepanna? I am ready... So and more adult and solid aunties and that, happens, in youthful crazy romanticism takes down. Especially, when a roof on one nail. And in the pickup it and is called - Kryshesnos.

The seducer slightly for thirty is cunning and artful. About - very widespread type - Misunderstood Sufferer . It is charming, gentle, passionate, sad and absolutely sincere and is honest in the desire to leave you at once after a successful completion of seduction, certainly, without telling you it in advance. As a rule, it is divorced after short marriage and is childless. The wife threw it, it is misunderstood and lonely, he suffers, and if not you, returned it to life... well, and so on.

Sometimes to include brains - business exclusively useful. We throw inadvertently voprosets: And why, Maun Cher, the wife - that abandoned you? And further - attention - ears on the top. We listen to the answer. If the text is carefully prepared, rehearsed up to intonations and pauses, logically built as the podcast is a reason for serious and negative reflections. Most likely, told is not true, and the text was said a set of times - the worn-out plate.

If in the story the byshy wife appears as the fury, the harpy, Gorgona and the shrew in one person, it is information for you to reflection on a subject: And whether it is necessary... . So, it was: the bad and prodigal hostess, the avaricious house sitting duck believing that " salad; " Russian salad; - top of a culinary Olympus, not purposeful silly woman, the purposeful careerist, the lady of the facilitated behavior, too faithful Penelope, frigid herring, the nutty nymphomaniac, the foolish hysteric woman, the phlegmatic sleepyhead. Quite often all this is rolled into one. The former mother-in-law is sometimes mentioned. You Represent how was to me in this serpentarium? And to complain to nobody.

Only we will reflect; they are the reasons in order that the man left the woman. And IN ANY WAY NOT ON THE CONTRARY. Most likely, he was also left by it from - for the fact that ached, walked up and down to the right - on the left, having disdained a conjugal duty in all its forms, lied on a blue eye it was unpredictable in reactions, quite often stated unreasonable claims and the negative competent opinion on its qualities to the place and out of place.

Its neponyatost and loneliness - My God, if you only knew how I am lonely... - it is the same man`s classics as it is dark - a suit, gray in a thin strip. Almost trouble-free reception, pertinent everywhere and always. He says this imperishable phrase in the evening, by candlelight, behind a little table of cafe, having taken a female hand in both palms and penetrating looking in eyes. (Puts anchor ) . All speak - Koshchey angry, Koshchy angry. And I not angry, I tender . And it is valid, not angry. And tender what - in the fairy tale to tell. And vulnerable, of course. And worried is so much... It is safely possible to call the version of his life offered you Circulation for three seas on a rake . And the generous destiny armfuls throws a rake and throws to it under legs.

Lovely ladies, do not trust it, he offers you cheerful game in pozhalelka . Fall in love, regret, fondle, caress . Rules will change to them in the course of game, but it is game in one gate, and lost always will be you. Than more than your emotions will leave in pity the more strong you for it are hooked, and parting will be more painful to those. Its credo - your troubles are your troubles, and my troubles are your troubles . And in any way not on the contrary. You can quite listen sympathetically to him few times, give him feasible help if it needs it, but to listen to long complaints and over and over again it makes sense to pull out it from a grief whirlpool hardly. Exists the things, so hard transferable a little as continuous man`s moaning with the purpose to receive the desirable.

The artful seducer complaining about loneliness, destiny, the ex-wife, weather, the country, nedolyubivshy mother in the childhood does not suit for the long relations in any way and most often absolutely does not aspire to them. You are not caught on ardency of his words. Be not conducted on the pickup. You look at acts. Also choose not the whiner complaining of women not misunderstood by all mankind of the pseudo-genius even if also the rare intellectual, not the one who constantly should substitute props.

Type Misunderstood Sufferer - obviously not your man. Well, and if more optimistical then " trains for a new profession in something; let`s be to look ...