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Whether there is a gold at the bottom of Selyava? If you read part 2

Whether there is a gold at the bottom of Selyava? Part 1 you already know that since World War II in Belarus among treasure-hunters rumors that the PE bomber - 8, transporting gold for an advance payment of deliveries on tapes - Lisa, fell to territories of Belarus circulate and still was not found. And even the place where this bomber, together with the valuable freight, still waits for team of search is called.

Version third. Pr about the klyaty place

the National rumor places the fallen plane in the lake Selyava located in Krupsky district of the Minsk region. Place extraordinary beautiful and fish. Pikes, breams, ides, catfishes, perches, burbots, crucians are found in the lake. It apart from a trifle like small fry and the rudd. They say that there was also a pike perch earlier, but, seemingly, all was caught. So from fishermen there is no release.

It would seem if the plane really is at the bottom of this lake, it has to be found for a long time. Or - not to find, but then rumors would stop by itself. If say that under the right corner of Nesvizh Castle treasures Radzivillov are dug, then it is enough to carry out excavation though under all corners that then it is authoritative to declare - all rumors are the purest fiction, and under the lock any treasures were never dug.

But the lake Selyava, despite a large number visitors still keeps the secrets. Including - and about the fallen bomber. How it could occur? When sank Edinburgh could not lift gold because there were no technologies of raising of such freights from a deep water. As soon as technologies appeared, gold was at once lifted. The lake Selyava cannot have in any way ocean depths which represent complexity for work of divers.

Average depth of this lake makes 6,3 m, maximum - 17,6 m. The area of a water mirror - 1500 hectares. The island in the central part divides the lake into two reaches: shallow northern (the former lake of Rabts, depth to 10 m, the area about 1/3 from the general) and deep southern (the lake Selyava, the area about 2/3 from the general). After construction of a dam in 1956 four lakes (Selyava, Rabtsa, Hudovets and Offense) united in a lake reservoir, and present Selyava more small, than was at the time of Patriotic war. By the way, for exact measurements of depth it is impossible to be charged. The bottom silted so the actual depth of Selyava can appear much more. In principle, at the bottom of the lake it is possible to hide not one bomber, but the whole squadron.

It would seem - what simpler. Dived and found. If to survey a bottom of such lake as Selyava, the special warmed diving suits, the special respiratory equipment which is capable to work reliably even in a silt suspension are necessary for

. The equipment has to be calculated not on pure, and on the polluted water. In these conditions the whole team of researchers is necessary. Best of all - military divers. The team of secure (support) which during immersion is at the level of clear water is required - silt is very dangerous. This team has to be within reach and, it is desirable, visual contact. Only it seems that the Belarusian lakes are a pure water in which everyone who will wish can swim. Actually many Belarusian lakes are godforsaken places, especially for divers. And all - at the expense of the silted bottom of reservoirs.

Fans of deep-water diving by rules are forbidden to dive into silt. The lack of visibility can lead to accident. The diver in such conditions even of the hands does not see, only to 10 cm visibility. Only specially trained swimmers can dive.

As you can see, the bomber can really be at the bottom of Selyava - the place quite enough, and it is almost impossible to find it if there is no special preparation. If the plane fell even in the most dense forest - it would be found for a long time. Are able to go on the woods at us. And here deep-water researches moreover in so specific conditions - another matter.

I had to talk to the person who tried to find the fallen bomber at the bottom of the lake Selyava. He claimed that their team was prepared as far as it is possible, to searches. But failure came from absolutely unexpected side - during descent under water the team was attacked by catfishes! Whole pack. Divers hardly managed to carry away flippers.

Besides, the lake Selyava is famous not only fishing or difficult conditions for diving. Near this lake the geopathogenic zone is located.

Geopathogenic zones are usually connected with geological faults, underground waters, ore fields, and also with special power grids which cover all terrestrial surface. For a long time such places are considered rotten . The people living in an abnormal zone often are ill, they develop various neurosises, psychosomatic frustration. The trees which are in a geopathogenic zone often have the bent, ugly forms, coniferous in general badly grow in such places. And here the alder, an aspen and a willow perfectly feel in rotten places. In Belarus knew about existence " for a long time; rotten places which should be avoided. Their lozokhodets found. " Diagnostic unit; the bifurcate branch of a rod length about a half a meter was. In devil`s places the branch turned in hands of lozokhodets. The rod is the peculiar antenna catching power emissions.

Belgosuniversitet`s scientists surveyed the area of the lake Selyava and came to a conclusion that there is one of the most powerful geopathogenic zones, comparable on intensity with the Perm break.

At living in the area of the lake - frequent headaches, feeling sick. Animals are ill. Badly trees grow. Accidents are quite frequent: every year someone sinks in the lake. Generally, despite excellent fishing, the lake it is angry, dangerous.

Except deterioration in a state of health of all live, geopathogenic zones are famous for various accidents: beginning from an unexpected failure of a pavement and finishing with inexplicable accident. Failure of not too reliable engine of the plane over a geopathogenic zone is very probable.

Perhaps, the Belarusian lake Selyava is analog of the Bermuda Triangle. There is a version that strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle are connected with existence in it of a cyclic geopathogenic zone. It is known that in such geopathogenic zones at the moments of activization operation of navigation devices is broken, and people feel strong psychological frustration.

On December 5, 1945 the whole avialink of the American Air Force did not return on base, having forever disappeared near the Bermuda Triangle. Also the flying boat which took off on searches of the gone planes was gone. Assume that planes got to a geopathogenic zone at the moment of its activity, lost control (or there was a failure of engines), and all of them are buried at an ocean floor.

Perhaps, gold " bomber; the destiny of the American planes comprehended, and it, having lost control, with idle engines, Selyava failed to the lake, having carried away several tons of gold and life of crew on a bottom. Or one refused, and even two engines, and to the plane were necessary to decrease, setting up themselves under blow of an antiaircraft artillery. Then becomes clear why rumors are so persistent and the place to which the fallen plane is located is so concrete - someone could watch falling, and even to see how the plane plunged into the lake.

Perhaps, the plane with gold still lies at the bottom of the lake and waits for the team which is specially prepared for research...