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The first test of the bride and groom preparation for a wedding of

the Wedding - a long-awaited event and of course ritual after which family life and joint life overflows with the head.

you made the most difficult decision in the life and are ready to live with darling the remained days.

of Care on preparation for an event of all life will not leave you free time on anything, do not even dream. Therefore adoption of the weighed decisions will save to you time and will give the chance to enjoy the last days of barchelor life.

The scale of a wedding

One of the main issues which young people need to solve - as they want that there passed them day: in a big way or modestly, but with taste?

Scope, of course business good, but it is worth thinking that a holiday one day, and to a salary it is necessary to hold on. Sounds it is banal, but, alas, facts of life. Consider it is already not necessary to count on maintenance and sponsoring by parents, - now you a separate family with the budget and opportunities.


of Whom - whom, and relatives there is always a lot of. Therefore it is important to sit down to make the list of guests, and later together with future spouse to discuss whether it is worth inviting this or that guest. Council: you should not invite relatives or friends with whom you did not communicate for a year, think if these guests did not remember you the whole year, then I do not think that they will be sincerely glad to your family holiday.

A photo and video

you Can save on anything, but you should not save on shooting of a celebration. This, that the little that will remain at you for many years. In hard times, you will be able to get these pictures and to remember that once you made a right choice.

A wedding dress

the Wedding dress is what each girl dreamed of, going to kindergarten, school, institute, work. Do not lose an opportunity to achieve the dream and to be the princess, let at least and for one day, - but it will be your day. It is better to choose a wedding suit with future spouse, you remember that it is your half and for it you have to look a prince, but in any way for your mother or relatives.

Wedding efforts are also pleasant and burdensome at the same time. For this reason parents have to help the children with the organization of a holiday and in word and deed.

If all stages of preparation are passed, consider that difficulties you passed a baptism. You can sigh more deeply, calm down a little, it is necessary to live soon that day to which month of preparation preceded. by

Happy family life not the fairy tale, but that it began with smoothly passable wedding day, slightly - try slightly and prepared for it.

Maryina Olga