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Whether there is a gold at the bottom of Selyava? Part 1

End of August, 1942. World War II. The Soviet army recedes, huge territories are occupied by the enemy. On the cities bombs fall, and reports from fronts are unfavourable. Every day it is reported that the new cities are handed over. The territory of Belarus is completely occupied.

The PE heavy bomber - 8, loaded 4 tons of gold, goes to England. Gold - an advance payment for deliveries on tapes - Lisa.

A bomber sverkhnadezhen, it is almost impossible to bring down it - flight altitude is inaccessible to neither an antiaircraft artillery, nor destructive aircraft of the opponent. Gold has to be delivered to destination. Gold is a weapon, these are soldier`s rations, it is the equipment necessary for army, these are tankers with aviation gasoline Lend - Lise is the one more weight on our bowl of scales, additional chance of a victory.

The plane quietly flies in the set direction, out of striking distances of the possible opponent. Skilled crew. Instructions - to avoid any collision with the opponent. The main task - to deliver gold to destination.

Under a plane wing - the Belarusian woods. The territory occupied by the opponent in the first days of war. The territory in which Germans already managed to be dug round solidly. The plane flies by over Belarus, aspiring to the English coast Nothing foretells accidents. The crew feels confident and is quiet. The plane flies

I disappears.

In the PE planes given about losses - 8 there is only a date - on August 28, 1942. And all. Neither accident sites, nor reason, anything. The plane was. There is no plane.

But - 4 tons of gold! Gold which was so necessary for a victory. Gold which could bring closer the end of war not for several days, but even for several years. Really it was gone completely?

Version first. And whether there was a gold? by

at the end of September - the beginning of October, 1941 conducted tripartite negotiations on mutual deliveries - tapes - Lisa. However the help to the Soviet Union at all was not planned by disinterested. Kind allies demanded payment by gold: Purse or life! . Then Stalin said the well-known phrase: Blood of the Soviet soldiers is more expensive than all gold of the world! and - signed the agreement.

Originally delivery of gold in payment for deliveries of tapes - Lisa was planned exclusively by sea. The sea escorts protecting precious freights started walking.

In May, 1942 the English cruiser Edinburgh put out to the Barents Sea, having onboard 5,5 t of gold. The captain, having decided to deceive the German submarines, came off an escort, having decided that the single purpose it is more difficult to track down. Especially as Germans preferred to expect all escort, and then chose the purposes on the taste. The high-speed cruiser had every chance to slip unnoticed - the captain so thought. However the cruiser was attacked by the German submarines, damaged, deprived of the course and flooded with team. Gold left on a bottom. As then thought - irrevocably.

However, in forty years it was succeeded to lift gold. In two stages (the first - in the 1981, second - in 1986) by means of diving bells 436 gold ingots from estimated 465 were lifted. But it - in forty years And gold was necessary in that, far 42 - m for year. Then it was written off for military losses, but to lose such amount of gold it is always painful, and for the warring country - twice.

Packs of the German submarines imposed the Soviet Union. Practically all Northern Sea Route was controlled by Germans. Remembered the PE bombers - 8.

These bombers by right were considered as superreliable: five motors, flight altitude such that neither the antiaircraft artillery, nor fighters will get - at similar height fighters did not fly in those days yet. It was possible to bring down such bomber only during bombing - calling on the purpose and aim bombing assume low flight altitude. PE - 8 was tested on distant flights, flew both to England, and to the USA. Technical flying range of a bomber - 5600 km, and to England from Moscow - a little more than 3000 km. So it is proved - the bomber could make similar flight.

PE - 8 could bear 24,6 t of bombs what to speak about several tons of gold safety of delivery was guaranteed to

A by qualities of the plane. It was impossible to tell about the ships of similar. Losses on the sea way were extremely big during all war, until the very last day. And transportation of gold was by sea dangerous - there was no guarantee that the ship with valuable freight will reach the destination, even at the strongest escort.

So it turns out that gold delivery was more reliable and safe in the air way. Even taking into account that the part of a route lay over occupied territories. The only thing that it required safety - not to decrease.

Considering a question - whether there was a gold - it is impossible to reject also popular wisdom: the smoke without fire does not happen. Similar rumors arise by no means not from scratch. Radzivillov or about gold which was hidden by Napoleon, than about gold of tapes - Lisa is much more plausible to speak about gold treasures. Nevertheless, the rumor stubborn repeats that there was a plane - and is even called what! - and this plane was loaded gold of tapes - Lisa, and it fell in the territory of Belarus.

In 90 - x years when many people were captured by fever of fast enrichment, and black archeologists became the ordinary and habitual phenomenon, in the markets it was possible to buy various cards. Even cards of the General Staff where everything is marked out, nearly separate trees. The " cards were especially appreciated; with a legend that is what the place of burial of a treasure was specified. Also maps on which the location of a bomber with gold was marked were on sale.

So very it seems that gold " plane; really was. And really fell. Otherwise - from where rumors which keep with enviable stubbornness so many years?

But how in general such plane how PE - 8 could fall? If it was so safe, so reliable - why it in general fell? Supermodern, superreliable, supersafe plane And - accident. What could occur? To assume that the plane transporting gold dumped height over the territory occupied by the opponent and it was substituted under blow of antiaircraft guns - ridiculously. Height, to which did not dostrelivat the German antiaircraft guns, was one of the main advantages of PE - 8.

Version second. Reliability of PE - 8 - the myth

Appears, the PE bomber - 8 was not such superreliable at all. The main problem consisted in engines. The AM diesel engines - 35A which were established on PE - 8 were famous for the refusals. The lion`s share of losses of planes during World War II is connected, strangely enough, not with an antiaircraft artillery of the opponent or destructive aircraft at all, namely with failure of one, and even two engines. At an engine failure the plane lost both the speed, and height therefore became an easy mark of the opponent.

The Soviet Union entered war, having only one guaranteed reliable and powerful engine. But these motors were put only on attack planes SILT - 2 - for the sake of it some types of fighters were laid off.

Means, all - could bring down. At least at failure of engines. And, both Germans, and the Belarusian guerrillas could bring down - hardly warned them about following over the territory of a bomber, and the antiaircraft artillery in some guerrilla groups was.

But if brought down the or at least watched how brought down, then rumors that somewhere in the territory of the country the plane filled by gold lies have to go not just but also to be called estimated location of the plane.

It is also called! And very curious place. It in itself can explain why the plane fell and why still it was not found. About it is in the following part.