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Than the Beijing cabbage is useful?

The fact that the cabbage and salad, for their medicinal and nutritious properties, were highly appreciated at all times, know many. But the fact that the Beijing cabbage, can replace these two products is known for certain even not by all housewives with an experience.

In the markets the Beijing cabbage is on sale not one year, but earlier long oblong heads of cabbage brought from far away, and they and very few people else knew about surprising properties of this vegetable cost expensive. Obviously, for these reasons the Beijing cabbage also did not cause some time in buyers of a particular interest. Now Pekinese as in popular speech it is called by vegetable growers, learned to grow up both in Ukraine and in Russia thanks to what, now it can be bought in any supermarket.

Judging by the name, is easy to guess that the Beijing cabbage is from Celestial Empire. Petsay as still call this cabbage - an annual cold-resistant plant, grow up in China, Japan and Korea. There it in special honor. Both on a kitchen garden, and on a table. The Beijing cabbage - one of kinds of an early Chinese cabbage, has the headed and sheet forms.

plant Leaves usually, are collected in the dense socket or heads of cabbage in a form reminding the Roman salad the Romaine and reach length of 30 - 50 cm. A head of cabbage on a section it is yellow - green. Coloring of leaves can vary from yellow to brightly - green. Veins on leaves of the Beijing cabbage flat, fleshy, wide and very juicy.

the Beijing cabbage is externally surprisingly similar to cabbage lettuce therefore it is called still salad cabbage. And obviously, not for nothing, young leaves of the Beijing cabbage quite replace lettuce leaves. It is, perhaps, the most juicy grade of cabbage therefore young and gentle leaves Pekineses possessing pleasant taste, perfectly are suitable for preparation of various salads, green sandwiches.

Practically all juice is not in green leaflets, and in their white, more dense part which contains all most useful components of the Beijing cabbage. Also would be a mistake to cut off and throw out this most valuable part of cabbage. It should be used.

On juiciness cannot be compared to the Pekinese any salad and any cabbage.

A in process of formation of heads of cabbage, use the Beijing cabbage for preparation of borsches and soups, extinguish, cook stuffed cabbage Who cooked with this cabbage borsch, just delighted , and many other dishes with it differ in pleasant taste and refinement.

Besides, the Beijing cabbage differs from the closest relatives in what at preparation does not exude so specific cabbage smell as, for example, a white cabbage. Generally, from the Pekinese it is possible to prepare all that is usually prepared from other grades of cabbage and salad. The fresh Beijing cabbage is also made sour, pickled and salted. Who did not admire

the Korean salad - the kimchi made from the Beijing cabbage? Did not try? Then you surely need to visit soon one of the markets and to buy this culinary masterpiece. But consider, as well as any delicacy, kimchi costs little not. To fans ostrenky, and especially kimchi will be that who suffers from a hungover syndrome in the mornings just to the place, i.e. to a table.

of Kimchi is the most favourite delicacy at Koreans which is nearly main in their food, and practically any meal does not do without it. And as Koreans, kimchi - a dish which by all means has to be on a table consider. The Korean scientists, for example, established that in kimchi the content of B1, B2, B12, PP vitamins even increases in comparison with fresh cabbage, besides, as a part of the juice which is emitted at a fermentation there are a lot of various biologically active components. So, probably, not without reason old men in Korea, China iyaponiya are so vigorous and hardy.

Still ancient Romans, attributed to cabbage hygienic properties, and the ancient Roman writer Katon Starshy wrote: Thanks to cabbage, Rome within 600 years recovered from diseases, without seeing doctors .

These words can, fully, be carried also to the Beijing cabbage which possesses not only dietary and culinary features, but also medical. The Beijing cabbage is especially useful at warmly - vascular diseases and stomach ulcer. She is considered as a source of active longevity. It is promoted by existence in it of a significant amount of a lysine - amino acid, irreplaceable for a human body, as the possessing ability to dissolve alien proteins and serves as the main cleaner of blood, increases immunity of an organism. Big life expectancy in Japan and China is connected with the use in food of Beijing cabbage.

On the content of vitamins and mineral salts the Beijing cabbage does not concede white and to the brother - the double - cabbage lettuce, and and surpasses them in some indicators. For example, contains in a white cabbage and cabbage lettuce of vitamin C twice less, than in to the Pekinese and protein content in its leaves exceeds its contents in a white cabbage twice. Leaves Pekineses contain the most part of the existing set of vitamins: A, C, B1, B2, B6, PP, E, P, K, U; mineral salts, amino acids (only 16, including irreplaceable), proteins, sugar, alkaloid laktutsin, organic acids.

But one of the main advantages of the Beijing cabbage ability to keep vitamins B a current of all winter is considered, unlike salad which at storage very quickly loses the properties and a white cabbage which, of course, cannot replace salad and besides demands specific storage conditions.

Therefore is especially irreplaceable the Beijing cabbage in the oseena - the winter period as it is one of sources of fresh greens, a well of ascorbic acid, necessary vitamins and minerals at this time.