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How to teach darling to put on? The man and care of it of

was at a meeting with the young girlfriend Yesterday. Appearance of the model. Beautiful and gentle. The natural blonde intelligently and a grasp business - the lady. Speak about such - looks on all hundred . Longs. Got acquainted with the handsome man. It`s cool! Only he is not able to put on, not to be published with him Appealed to me to prompt how unostentatiously and competently to create image of the businessman. I am not an image maker! However it needed not it, and methods - as to convince him to replace image how to impart taste.

Women, creating the unique image, attach huge significance to all details - from a hairdress to costume jewelry, from shoes to a handbag. Till color of the lipstick which is in harmony with a blouse and nail varnish. The speech, of course, goes about women well-groomed, watching themselves. But sometimes such tireless toiler of own image gets into a difficult situation - the overall picture of couple is hopelessly spoiled by its satellite. Let`s not place emphasis on mind and other advantages of the person. An inner world, undoubtedly, - the main property of his owner. But on clothes - that is met! It is the faultless characteristic of your attitude towards itself and to people around.

Than what it is simpler? There is no time to be engaged to your satellite in the appearance - take the initiative. My many friends also do not wait until their blessed pulls on himself old jeans on secular reception. They buy clothes for husbands. But here is a little but . Not each man will want to assign to the wife or the girlfriend the choice of clothes, not everyone will give in without a fight and again will put on white socks under black trousers. Not each woman will want to become the nurse and the stylist How here to arrive? At the slightest pretext to give to darling successfully picked up things, trifles and accessories which will become his choice over time. So gradually taste takes root.

It is possible to go some other way. Direct conversation. Without offensive insults and examples. It is possible to tell that white socks - a bad form, and it is possible to kiss and hint gently that white socks on it are pleasant to you on a tennis court. The clever man will understand. Try to flatter it. If, of course, it is susceptible to flattery. Find though something in its clothes that is pleasant to you, and constantly you praise it. Just do not approve the rest silence. Has to understand. Persuade him to buy together with you some thing, very competently bring to this suit and a shirt and then extol its delicate taste. Do not go too far. Taste of halvah will be lost Next time he will try to choose to himself something similar, suitable to its style.

Never criticize gifts of his relatives and especially his mother. It is its part, part of family traditions. And if it initially was not pleasant to you why you chose it? I stuck together it from what was Yes, only work is constant and very ungrateful. You will not manage to change the adult. It is possible to change some habits. To impart taste. But its highlight will remain in it forever. And it is remarkable! Notice it and cultivate.

The situation can become complicated if your elect does not attach significance to either your hints, or your tactful silence. Then it is used heavy artillery . Without causing jealousy, begin to compare it to some neutral sample. Not the neighbor, not the friend, not the colleague who was not the beloved. Now on TV the mass of interesting programs, for example, Fashionable sentence where is to what to learn. Your comparison has to be obligatory in favor of darling. Any superman to any comparison does not go with it. And looks so respectably only because does not go to secular receptions in sports pants and a red tie.

Also it does not help? You Woman! Experiment! Eventually, incidentally fill in with paint so hated to you a thing or hide it far away. Men long do not like to look for. Here your desired gift! And instead of his shirt in a bright floret he puts on strict classical negotiations. Also becomes an elegance standard. Work of the personal image maker is not visible? Unless it is important? The main thing that all of you - achieved the. Difficult? And who promised what will be easy? But it is interesting! To teach darling to put on.