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Why Henri Toulouz - Lautrec hesitated of the titles?

his ancestors are counts Toulouse and de Lotrequi`s viscounts - trace patrimonial roots back far to depth of the European history. Actually, they also managed this history: organized crusades, overthrew and built to a throne of monarchs with whom became related. Even in far Russia Henry had relatives, but it is possible, he also did not know about it.

Was born Henri Mari Raymond on November 24, 1864 in Alphonse and Adele de Toulouz aristocratic French family - Lotrekov Monfa. His parents were cousins, and the close consanguinity sometimes cruelly recoups on children. It seems that and occurred. Since Henry`s childhood, always surrounded with care and love, had a serious illness. Besides he managed to break both leg that together with a serious illness of joints affected its physical development.

Near high and slender parents of Henry height of 150 centimeters at the big head and a small trunk looked almost the dwarf. The look is, frankly speaking, not aristocratic. And he was not just hereditary aristocrat, rightfully he could subscribe as the count, the viscount, the marquis, the chevalier. But it practically never did it and was represented at acquaintances just by the artist Henri Toulouz. And the reason not only in physical defects, he got used to them, just the circle of his communication was not aristocratic - poor artists, actresses of a variety show, frequenters of small cafes, maidens of easy behavior. With them it was easy for it, in this environment it was the, these people accepted it it what it was. And titles - they for other life which he consciously refused.

However, he managed to get a good house education, to it even art teachers invited professional artists. Mother indulged the only child and indulged his whims, and he passionately liked to draw. But the countess and in a bad dream could not present that her Henry will become an artist and will write the Parisian prostitutes and dancers of cabaret.

Henry was the person who is fond. Even he studied painting by fits, just there were no worthy teachers for the young man at whom the original style early began to develop. The famous artist Leon Bonna at whom he some time was engaged, told Henry: You draw not bad, is even elegant, but your drawings are too frank and cruel . And actually, at that time and to compare its drawings - that there was nothing, so still nobody drew.

Even preferred to study Henry himself, it is inquisitive trying to get into secrets of skill of old painters. He also was, undoubtedly, is talented, and many on Montmartre where he in 1884 removed a workshop, it was understood. But its works long were not in demand. They were fresh, original, but on them people Parisian " were represented; bottom and time to hang up such pictures in secular drawing rooms, did not come yet.

One cannot say that Henry lived in misery from a lack of money, but in the parental capitals, and there was he the successor of enormous estates and locks, even during hard drinkings the hand was especially not dipped. He quickly became one of recognized masters of the poster and the board. Actually, it also lifted this genre to the level of the true skill. So money at it was found, but was not late, the benefit, always nearby there were drinking companions or persons interested to borrow several francs which should not be returned any more.

On Montmartre it enjoyed general love - permanently elegant, witty, soul of campaign. Even, despite the small growth and an ordinary-looking exterior, it had success in women. It should be noted that among his friends there were not only people Parisian bottom cheerful maidens and unrecognized geniuses of painting, but also famous artists and writers.

Even at loose life of Henry managed to work hard. He seldom painted in oils. Its many drawings the siyeminutna executed directly in the hall of cabaret or small restaurant on a dancing verandah or the night street a pencil and even a burned match on small sheets of paper or napkins. Did not pose for it, he managed to see and display characteristic gesture, a mimicry, a pose on paper. Then in a workshop drawing could be corrected, added a few color, to transfer to the sheet of good paper or a canvas.

Its drawings and pictures which appeared at the Parisian exhibitions caused invariable interest. Soon also recognition came, about Toulouse - Lautrec began to write newspapers, calling him the brilliant artist - the improvisator and the innovator. Its works began to buy. Actually Henry`s money especially did not concern, was important the fact for it that its drawings and pictures find demand.

Unfortunately, even the come popularity did not force it to change lifestyle, to give up binges and to devote itself only to creativity. And the chronic illness of joints and alcohol destroyed already not especially strong constitution. The father practically refused the son, trying not to meet him, but mother continued to fight for him. She organized to it trips to resorts and to London where it could come off addictions, but on return to Paris everything was started over again. At mother`s insistance he even spent nearly 3 months by spring of 1899 in a psychiatric clinic.

After Henry`s clinic long did not come back to Paris, preferring to live on the Atlantic coast. But new drinking companions appeared and there, and work in an unusual situation was obviously not glued. In the spring of 1901 Toulouse - Lautrec returned to Paris the grown old, grown thin and some become silent. Perhaps, he felt that it will not be possible to get out of an illness any more. Henry to surprise of friends began to put financial affairs in order, to finish old unfinished pictures and almost ceased to drink. Painted several new pictures, but in them gloomy paints already appeared.

There was also one joyful event. At the end of April he was told that at auction in Druo several his pictures were bought for the solid sums. So, for the picture Toilet the buyer even laid out four thousand francs.

In July of Henry left Paris already forever. It went to the Atlantic coast again, but it was not fated to have a rest to it - the health worsened, the consumption began, and then the stroke and partial paralysis followed. Mother transported it in the patrimonial lock to Malroma under Bordeaux. The artist surrounded with the best doctors and care of the family slowly died.

At two hours fifteen minutes night on September 9, 1901 Henri Toulouz - Lautrec died. Over the lock the thunder-storm, appear, rumbled that the sky mourns death of useless, but surprisingly gifted artist who was only 36 years old.