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Why the psychology is similar to a branchy tree?

Are mistaken those who think: The Psychology - it and in Africa psychology, is not present at it any separate directions, and any psychologist therefore can help to solve any problem . No, actually the psychology is similar to the diamond which is poured many such different sides on a tree with many branches, each of which yields the fruits.

What I mean?

Let`s say the person on the verge of divorce, it has problems in a family, cannot get on with the mother-in-law. To what psychologist it is necessary to go? To family. Yes, yes, and the branch of science is called respectively - family psychology.

A if the child began to study worse than ever, is lifted up, is rude to teachers or teachers of one school well will not get on among themselves in any way? These problems in competence of the pedagogical psychologist.

Well and if the child is tormented by nightmares, he is afraid of everything: darkness, dogs, foreign people, death, cats etc. if it turned from tender and obedient in spiteful, aggressive, the rude fellow? Then parents and/or other close people feel that they will not find a justice on this child. Whom to address? To the children`s psychologist, though to family it is possible too.

If there was a trouble, there was a misfortune - accident, accident, natural disaster, death of the loved one, war - the psychology of crisis situations, rehabilitation psychology will come to the rescue. Experts of the called area will help injured easier to endure a grief, a stress, loss of the loved one and property.

If people himself or someone from his relatives, do not give the Lord, became the disabled person - lost hearing, sight, ability to move etc. or was born with limited physical capacities - the patopsikhologiya and special psychology comes to the rescue. Psychologists of these directions will help to adapt in the company of physically healthy people, to be integrated into society, to raise a self-assessment of such people, to find confidence in their necessity to themselves and society, to compensate the lacking or lost abilities.

If at the person the nervous system was strongly loosened, he is pursued by the notions of compulsion, he constantly makes actions which he would not like to make (for example, on hundred times a day washes hands needlessly), to treat to a patopsikholog or to the expert in clinical psychology kindly.

the Expert in the field of legal psychology will help the investigator of a message interrogation, will help the minor offender to follow a way of correction, will study psychological climate in correctional facilities.

If the director of the enterprise feels that not in forces to suffer more disagreement, estrangement of members of working collective and if the employee of any firm understands that it is very difficult to come into contact with the chief and colleagues, and work falls from hands, the psychology of management will come to the rescue.

Well and if the hard worker is tired on a workplace quicker and quicker, gets tired, and then does not sleep at night, does not cope with work at good abilities and due education, then the expert of psychology of work will come to the rescue.

It is possible to give still a set of examples because psychology - the science having several tens directions: medical, engineering, advisory, tiflo and surdo (from the word deaf )

Experts of each of these directions solve those problems, those problems in which they feel the most competent.