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In whose movie Lyubov Orlova debuted?

on October 4, 1903, 105 years ago, in Kiev, in Pavel Stroyev`s family, the daughter who was named Verochka was born. She did not write verses since five years, was an ordinary girl unless loved theater. But secretly from parents dreamed of career of the theatrical actress. And when by it it was not executed and 17 years, arrived in Kiev theatrically - drama institute of N. V. Lysenko.

Study was pleasant to it. Besides learning of roles, students happened to learn a lot more interesting. For example, elements of direction, feature of writing of scenarios, and many other things. And though taught gradually something and as - nibud something in memory all - was postponed. In any case, many classmates of Verochka never tested horror if they had to correct the scenario or to build this or that scene in a performance or on a shooting stage.

Found... scene and the husband

However, in Kiev to the young actress it became close soon, and she moved to Moscow where she came to Workshops of pedagogical theater at Narkompros. Time was interesting: after Civil war the national consciousness supposedly wakened now and we can go easily to theaters as yesterday`s bourgeoises. After one of performances the young actress got acquainted closer with Grigory Roshal who was more senior than her for four years. He was the head of workshops, and therefore it is no wonder that it had a wide choice among actresses. Grigory decided to cast in the lot with Vera. In the beginning young people lived a civil marriage (then, at the beginning of 20 - x it was enough - the widespread phenomenon, a bit later the Soviet government solved it to twirl nuts).

After on January 23, 1925 they gave birth to the daughter Marianna which all acquaintances called Maya, spouses undersigned for the REGISTRY OFFICE. Here only a surname everyone wanted to give to the daughter the and in any was not going to concede. As a result they lifted all REGISTRY OFFICE on ears and starved his employees out until those wrote down in to a metrics surname of the daughter: Roshal - Stroyev. For those times it was the courageous act because double surnames were, generally at the same bourgeoises, and similar was considered past eructation .

... nurse and coauthor...

But Vera Pavlovna not really - that liked to potter with the daughter, all her thoughts were connected with theater. She scribbled revolutionary plays, staged them native Workshops of pedagogical theater. And when workshops were renamed into the Central pedagogical theater, she acted in three qualities at once: actresses, the playwright and the director - the teacher.

But the daughter had a quite good nurse - 19 - summer younger sister of Grigory - Sima whom the brother, naturally, dragged in the theater. The seraph willingly pottered with little Maya, releasing time to the daughter-in-law, but Vera returned the favor too, slowly acquainting the husband`s sister with writing of scenarios. It is necessary to notice that Vera and Sima wrote scenarios for the first 7 movies in common. Though that fact that after their creative footpaths dispersed, Serafima wrote only one scenario visually speaks about the one who in this tandem played the first violin.

But these movies it is necessary to list: Skotinina`s Misters (1926), Its excellency (1927), Two women (1929), The Person from the town (1930), The Person without case (1931), St. Petersburg night (1934), Generation of winners (1936). It is necessary to add that since the same 1925 Vera Pavlovna worked as the director of " studio; Soyuzkino which was renamed in " later; Mosfilm and in 1928 - 1931 was again - a director of the Odessa film studio Ukrainfilma .

It is necessary to tell about the movie " in more detail; St. Petersburg night . As a basis for the scenario two young women took to lead Fedor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky: Nezvanov`s Not point and White nights . Shot the movie, quite naturally, the husband and the brother, Grigory Roshal. The movie was shown at the well-known Cannes Film Festival and the special prize for " deserved; the technology of shooting which is absolutely deprived of any tricks and narochitost which is combined with the fine and natural embodiment of human images... . The picture entered in six the best movies of a festival, and not least from - for what in it was debuted by the young actress Lyubov Orlova whom Roshal and Stroyev noticed in one of the Moscow theaters for


together with a film studio ran over the batyr and the admirer To the Great Patriotic War of the spouse in Alma - Atu where continued to shoot film. They lived in one house with well-known with Sergey Mikhaylovich Eisenstein, often visited to each other. By the way, Vera Pavlovna was very sociable woman, Mayakovsky, Lilya Brik, Shostakovich, Tairov and many other people who left a noticeable mark in national history willingly were on friendly terms with her.

In war Vera Pavlovna met the second love. After shooting Batyrs of steppes about nice sons of the Kazakhstan people, she got acquainted with the legendary Panfilov`s man Baurdzhan Momysh - Ullah on behalf of whom the story in Alexander Beck`s novel " is kept; Volokolamskoye Highway . In the beginning the famous screenwriter and the director tried to understand that it for the people such, Kazakhs, then, having involved in correspondence, became attached to the batyr of steppes more and more. Eventually, in letters they made a declaration of love each other. However, there was still Grigory Roshal who fought for the darling. As a result, when it was necessary to make the choice, Stroyev remained with the husband, and broke up with Baurdzhan. As the noble person, he returned it all her letters

... music and friends Stroyev`s

continued to remove also after war, having hit in a genre of musical performances. So it put movies - operas Boris Godunov (1955) and Hovanshchina (1959) M. P. Mussorgsky; movies - concerts Big concert (1951) and Cheerful stars (1954). Already much later, in 1973, she became the Honoured actress of RSFSR. And still she was a hospitable hostess. In her house A. P. Dovzhenko, V. V. Vishnevsky, V. N. Yakhontov and many - many others liked to be.

Vera Pavlovna lived long life and died on August 26, 1991, for eight years having endured the spouse. And her daughter, Marianna who too buried the husband lives in London