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Where to find adherents, friends and business - partners?

of A Ya WORK as the WIZARD!

Yes, and such profession happens in the modern world. 01. 09. 2007 in the Internet - space the " project website appeared; Keen on business .

The project PURPOSE - communication (an exchange of valuable information, experience, development models) on a friendly wave.

Each of us - the surprising representative of the time with the set of properties, qualities of characteristics. And the corresponding conditions (comfortable habitat) are necessary for self-development (blossoming, a fragrance of a magnificent / field flower). We build the Destiny!

To participate in the project of other person is not just an opportunity to understand the friend / girlfriend (to help him / her to achieve Dream), but also chance to learn. To learn to be itself natural, so, the happy representative of the time.

to Invest human capital - to offer skills, abilities, knowledge (a labor resource) for realization of goals, the planned horizons can persistently - the persistent personality.

Only a sparkle in eyes (enthusiasm in business), advantage to bring desire to the Homeland of the darling. High-quality activity - what it means? In what sphere I feel comfortable? What do I am able to do? And what functions the person who can entrust this responsible task can undertake? Pleasure and satisfaction of both parties. In clever books

(65. 291. 3, With - 389, 1509984 - book coordinates in AKUNB to them Shishkov`s VYa - Sinyaeva Of the Sphere of PR in marketing: the manual for students of the higher education institutions which are trained in the specialty 080111 Marketing / To THEM Sinyaeva, Maslov`s VM, VV Sinyaev. - : UNITY - it is GIVEN, 2007, 383 pages)

It is called

of AUTSORTING - purposeful allocation separate business - processes and their delegation on execution of other third-party organization. (with 333)

What I get, participating in implementation of the project (idea) of other person?

1) I Learn to work in team (to feel, understand other party even without words that it is very important at successful negotiating). The charismatic type of management of system helps the skillful head to be at a steering wheel of the maneuverable ship.

2) I Acquire the database of acquaintances (I study the market, the possible clients). Here - here and the idea will ripen, will reach the necessary standard. The powerful fountain will need an exit: business - the plan and its consequences.

3) At a stage of formation of the project when little-known still product / service - an exclusive, it is possible to combine different roles. It is the real high: to be both the director, and the HR specialist, and the marketing specialist, and the economist, and the account manager, and the strategist - the developer of the further scenario of effective behavior. The model of development is created by the person who is carried away by this business! by

also I Can choose the favourite direction from all set of amazing spheres - what I will be engaged with big pleasure in?

Well, and now at way! And before it we will be supported?

The information menu of the skillful head (keen on business)

Interesting representatives of the time unite for realization of ideas, projects. Example?

* Youth Movement Generation (www. pokolenie. alt. ru),

* All stars (www. muz - minus. ru),

* Real radio (www. realcom. ab. ru),

* " Project; Keen on business : The Internet - the " magazine; We together! (element - club. net/blog),

* " Newspaper; Schoolyard - (3852) 69 - 02 - 39, school - yard@yandex. ru - will be interesting to SCHOOL STUDENTS

the handbook: how to live? To be itself and at the same time to be happy?


As with the child to find a common language? To study together with it what he got used to?

* New shots for new economy of Altai - zx6. ru and Center of Creative Decisions Inspiration plus

* Club of successful people - www. asdudin. narod. ru

and other ideas, projects, ideas.