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Without hands, without legs, brainless and a tail, and are able to move. You will guess?

Chur not to call an amoeba and a paramecium caudatum, and also microbes, viruses, atoms with electrons and other it. Well, how - guessed? Yes it stones! Perhaps and not everyone - everyone, of course, but about creeping (both down, and across, and even up) stones it is known from time immemorial.

Irish can tell you a legend of two closed stones which were moved apart only at approach of future king, letting it pass. In Wales there is a legend about a stone of the governor of Britons Artur which first was small and got to the king`s shoe, and being thrown out from there, flew by 11 km, landed on a grave of ancient soldiers and right there began to grow.

Now the former baby weighs 25 tons, has growth 2,5 m, length it (4 m) twice exceeds width. And as big boy is able to go . Twice in a year it goes to the sea coast to satisfy thirst and to look at a figure of Artur sitting on a white horse. You will tell what is thought up? Then we will address Plutarch: he reported about stones in the river Evrot which rose by a surface... on a pipe sound.

And here that the serf architect F. S. Argunov told about the estate Kuskovo:

Where filling of a pond prepared, there was big volumes a stone on which, having used as the basis, was decided to arrange purely struganny, without coverings with paints, a small chapel. The stone needed to be withdrawn from a ditch, to correct to work on it. As six horses harnessed by Zug made an effort, did not shift an udalets. If the stone a little shook, under it and a naprigorye the grass flashed fire, lands bugritsya, the distant big pond poured out from coast, covering a kennel and five houses of servants. The amazed foreman Ilya of Pokrovsky began to yell: The Devil would take away you absolutely! Water departed, grass burning stopped. Devilish izoshet a kamenyuk cracks, having become the material suitable for organization of the basis. A chapel where a human churchyard, on it cut down. Did not manage to consecrate. On the Cover that chapel was incinerated, having been engaged in plamenyam from below. Well, do not move other stone which loved rest that dashingly bypassed .

In Tibet the monastery near which there is a boulder weighing one ton and moreover hundred more kg is. Claim that he is a fidget: for centuries moves: within 15 years rises uphill more than two and a half kilometers high, goes down from it for the same time, bypasses around, describing it on 60 - a kilometer circle, however, this route lasts longer - whole half a century.

In the Californian Death Valley boulders weighing from 100 to 300 kg move (or dance?) reserving long furrows on clay day of the dry lake which is only occasionally filled by water. They are capable not only to slip too, but also up to rise. And it is, by the way, the established fact admitted by the science studying a phenomenon of 50 years. Stones were even named, and exclusively female.

Yes what far to go?! There are examples closer. Near Semipalatinsk there is a place which and is called - the Vagrant field. Local stones in the summer lie in hibernation and wander in the winter. And too plow the soil. Perhaps to be warmed? In Baltic from peasants it is possible to hear that on their fields the stones which are given rise by Earth grow. It seems to know better to them, annually it is necessary to clear of these children of an arable land.

In the Amur region there is a boulder too - idler which local nicknamed the Dead stone and are afraid to approach and furthermore - to touch. Near Ala Tau too, say, there are moving stones in itself. And at Xin - a stone that on the Pleshcheevy lake, there will be a separate narration.

As usual, versions about the reasons of the surprising phenomenon - a set. And attribute to space forces influence (including to aliens), both to winds together with the sun and water, and evil spirits different, and to geomagnetic fields, and crossing of power streams.

Besides all this, there is an assumption that stones... live. Two French scientists declared more than a decade ago that they found their pulsation: one blow of heart lasts days, and breath - from 3 days to two weeks. On other hypothesis, the crystal lattice is able to accumulate information and to operate with it.

the Chinese experts, using high-precision equipment, established that the maximum speed of stones - travelers makes 300 m/h, around them there is a luminescence and low sounds like a mumbling are heard.

Eh! Perhaps once stones will also be exorcized? How many could porasskazat then... Or perhaps on Earth in general all live?.