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How to get rid of a habit to gnaw nails?

On - scientific a habit to gnaw and bite nails are called an onikhofagiya. The reasons of development of an onikhofagiya need to be looked for in an emotional condition of the person. Stresses at work, at school, at institute or a dissatisfaction by itself. Yes, yes, low self-assessment and habit to gnaw itself are closely connected with a habit to gnaw nails.

What is interesting, looking at the bitten nails, the person lowers the self-assessment even stronger and begins to gnaw them with the doubled force. Scientists, having investigated group of aged people of 27 years which are accustomed to gnaw nails found out that all examinees from group have an increased feeling of uneasiness.

We found out that people or owing to an emotional pressure, or diffident gnaw nails. And whether you know that many very famous people suffered from this addiction too? For example, to Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin in the childhood even tied hands, but will get rid of this habit he could not.

Most often the onikhofagiya arises at teenage age owing to intellectual and mental tension. It is worth noticing that women and girls are more subject to this addiction.

The average time of full accretion of a nail fluctuates from three to five months. It turns out that during this time you completely eat the nails! And now present what number of nails you will eat for all life if you do not get rid of this habit! Not really pleasantly, truth?

The habit to gnaw nails is very harmful also because its consequence are agnails and microwounds on finger-tips where pathogenic bacteria can get and cause serious inflammatory processes.

Now there is a set of ways to get rid of a habit to bite nails. For children and men it is possible to advise the special bitter strengthening varnish. Sharp and very bitter taste of this varnish will help quickly will get rid of this addiction, and the vitamins and minerals which are a part of a varnish will help the injured marigold to grow and be restored quicker. It is necessary to put such varnish regularly. Time in three days erase an old varnish and you put new. If you forget to update a varnish, on edge of a nail it will begin to be chopped off, so, your nail will stop being bitter again and the habit to gnaw nails can renew.

Girls and women can address the master in nail extension. Artificial material - acryle or gel - very rigid and to gnaw it it is very problematic. You do not want to increase nails? Then make smart expensive design on a natural marigold, it will be simply a pity to gnaw such beauty for which considerable money is spent to you.

The special healing oil for a cuticle with extracts of curative herbs will help to cope with agnails. That there was a sense, it is necessary to use oil at least three times a day. You apply a little oil on a cuticle and the massage movements rub in a nail root. After several days of regular use of oil, you will notice that your fingers took a beautiful well-groomed form. Having achieved full healing of wounds around a cuticle and agnails, you will need only to support your handles in perfect tune, using oil once a day.

If suddenly besides a habit to gnaw nails you have a sleep disorder, irritability, increased fatigue, decrease in memory or persuasive feeling of alarm, it is worth seeing a doctor. Conversation with the skilled expert will help you to understand itself. Psychologists consider that a habit to gnaw nails - anything else, as habit to gnaw itself for something. Perhaps, you are simply dissatisfied with yourself or at heart blame yourself for something.