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What will help to make a marigold beautiful and healthy? Tasty desserts! There are no

, there is no mistake. It is really possible to return to a natural marigold beauty and a healthy well-groomed look by means of desserts! Are surprised? There is nothing surprising, it is no secret, that the products eaten by us contain a set of useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals. So prevents to take us something useful and to prepare the most tasty dessert?

All know that calcium is necessary for health and growth of nails. If in your organism of calcium it is not enough, a marigold will be thin, dry and fragile. Very often cracks on each side of nail plates are connected with a lack of calcium. Dairy products will help to fill a lack of calcium of an organism to you, also almonds are rich with calcium.

I can suggest you to prepare very tasty and fast cottage cheese dessert with apricots! For this purpose take 1 kg of cottage cheese, a half-glass of pounded almonds, a half-glass of low-fat sour cream, sugar to taste and pieces five ripe apricots. Mix cottage cheese with sour cream and sugar, and then shake up the mixer to a gentle uniform consistence. Exempt apricots from a stone and a peel, cut in cubes and carefully mix with curds. From above strew a dessert with pounded almond nutlets. Such gentle cottage cheese with an apricot can be served as an independent dish for breakfast or an afternoon snack, and it is possible to present as a dessert for lunch.

By the way, the apricot which is a part of my cottage cheese dessert comprises one more very necessary for health and beauty of nails an element - iron. Even insignificant deficiency of iron in an organism can lead to stratifying of nails.

Nails slowly grow? Most likely, you lack magnesium, add bananas to your dessert. Bananas, by the way, contain not only magnesium, but also many other useful minerals and vitamins.

What useful it is possible to prepare besides a cottage cheese dessert with fruit? Perhaps, as the most useful dish for our nails it is possible to consider jelly! All the matter is that gelatin, the main component of any jelly or mousse, is very rich with calcium and collagen. Collagen is protein of connecting fabric and by right it is possible to call it the main construction material for nail plates. Shortage of collagen very negatively affects on health of nails. Here not to beauty, unless there can to be thin exfoliating and bursting marigold beautiful? Of course, no! Therefore do not forget to include gelatin dishes in the menu.

I know many recipes of various jellies and mousses. On bags of gelatin and powder jelly proportions and a way of preparation of classical jelly are always written, we needed to choose only additives! I always use natural fresh fruit and berry juice for jelly preparation. It is possible to add pieces of fruit and various berries to jelly, it is possible whipped cream or chocolate, everything depends on your imagination and flavoring addictions.

There is my favourite recipe. I present to your attention a dessert Evelika . The first that you need to make is to shake up sour cream half a kilo with three tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of gelatin. Half to fill with the turned-out mix ice-cream bowls and to clean in the refrigerator. Now mix the warmed-up cherry juice with gelatin. Two tablespoons of gelatin will be enough liter of juice for a floor-. Fill in with the turned-out ice-cream bowl juice with sour cream and again clean in the refrigerator. After jelly completely stiffens, decorate it with tinned or fresh pitted cherries, and fill in from above with the kindled bitter chocolate. The dessert turns out easy and unusually tasty! And yes it is not necessary to speak about advantage, now - that you know as far as gelatin is rich with the collagen, calcium and other mineral substances caring about health of your marigold.

Here so we combined business with pleasure. When you eat these delicacies, by all means remember that you not just enjoy desserts, but also you care about health of the marigold. Bon appetit!