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What is a polyphase dream?

Which of us did not face a catastrophic lack of time? When already you are ready to drop from fatigue, and affairs did not end yet. Attempts to reduce a dream to 5 or 7 hours bring generally only fatigue, and in the day off we lose precious hours on sleeping off for all week.

Our dream once a day is called monophase, but there is also a polyphase dream when at regular intervals the person sleeps for 20 - 30 minutes. The total of a dream then is reduced till 3 o`clock what releases for activity of 21 hours

Attractively, isn`t that so? In what here a dirty trick, you ask? And whether it damages health? The people making experiments on themselves claim that they after accustoming to system of a polyphase dream felt much more vigorously and more effectively.

How it works? You divide day into equal pieces for four hours (this most optimum) and sleep through each piece for 20 - 30 minutes. For example, 1, 5, 9, 13, 17 and 21, respectively rise in 1 - 30, 5 - 30, 9 - 30, 13 - 30, 17 - 30, 21 - 30, or in 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 00. It is possible to pick up that option which most of all will be convenient to you.

It is known that the dream shares on slow and fast. In a phase of a slow dream the organism restores energy consumption, and during this period of the person it is very easy to wake. The REM sleep gives rest directly to a brain, provides information transfer from consciousness in subconsciousness, it is more difficult to wake at this moment of the person though it also is closer to a wakefulness threshold.

In system of a polyphase dream of people trains an organism for the minimum time to pass to a REM sleep, thereby reducing time spent in a bed. Within a week or ten days, gradually, adhering to the schedule, there is an accustoming. And subsequently already without special conditions of people into certain intervals it is capable to pass to a phase of a REM sleep.

Deprivation of the person of a slow dream does not conduct to any negative consequences that was repeatedly proved by the American researchers of this system. And consequently, it is possible to practice a polyphase dream a long time. Today the longest term is five months.

What difficulties you should face? In - the first, do not appoint important issues and projects to the first ten days of practice of a polyphase dream because your organism will adapt to the schedule. In - the second, prepare that your preferences in food can change, and attentively listen to yourself, also let does not frighten you that you will begin to consume food more than usually, you will be awake more. In - the third, you should subordinate the schedule of the day under short periods. For example, if you the freelancer, then to you is much simpler than those who are for 8 hours in office. After the adaptation period you will be able to fall asleep in any situation, but for the first 10 days it is better to use holiday.

The set of pluses of this system, of course, attracts, but it is necessary to consider that its main minus will be the fact that you are awake at night and no more than four hours in a row. In - the first, you have to have an opportunity to occupy with something these night hours so that not to disturb members of household, and, in - the second, you should offer some trips and meetings from - for obligatory breaks on a dream. In some exceptional exceptional cases you can move or pass the dream moment, but it cannot be done.

So weigh pluses and minuses, and, perhaps, the polyphase dream will become your first step to great causes.