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What was told about fall by our ancestors?

approach Fall the core. It already weaved a motley carpet on the earth, cloudlets frown, seeing as the nature (they - that gray dressed up - presery), rains cry on the left summer. The harvest on fields, kitchen gardens and in gardens is pleasing to the eye, and at a table - especially. About fall many proverbs and sayings are put.

Quite often at the same time it is compared with spring:

- The spring is red in the flowers, and fall sheaves (bread);

- is red and hungry Spring, the fall is rainy and full;

- in the Fall kissel yes pancakes, and sit yes look in the spring. Other option is even more expressive: fall - that a uterus: kissel yes pancakes; and spring - the stepmother: sit yes look;

- the Spring speaks: tells an uklocha, fall: and here I still will have a look.

Sometimes, however, this comparison has naoborotny sense:

- will order Fall, and the spring will tell the.

- speaks Fall - I weeding an uryazha; the spring speaks - I still will have a look!

- is boastful Fall, the spring is fair.

In Korea speak absolutely differently: The Spring is red mollusks, and fall - cuttlefishes . Azerbaijanians consider so: Be afraid of fall - behind it winter; be not afraid of winter - behind it spring .

Often in proverbs and sayings about productivity of fall apt expressions are put with use of zoomorfny images:

- In the fall and the sparrow is rich;

- in the Fall and at a sparrow beer;

- At fall and at a crow a shock, not only at a black grouse;

- in the Fall and at a cat pie.

Importance of the efforts connected with stocks to the following harvest is reflected as in in instructive thoughts (the fall to all keeps the account; fall - a zapasikha, winter - a podberikha; at fall be not liberal, by spring be rich), and in half-joking:

- do not cry, oats that in the fall to sell carried, - extremely expensively I will pay yes I turn back in the spring;

- do not cry, rye that sold for a penny; the spring will come - twice will begin to cry.

- the worker reddens in the Fall, and the owner turns pale.

Also weather is not ignored:

- In an autumn bad weather seven weathers outside: sows, blows, twists, stirs up, tears, from above pours, and from below sweeps;

- goes Fall and for itself the rain conducts;

- Fall - changes eight.

And yes every month it is noted especially:

- breaks September a caftan from shoulders, the sheepskin coat puts on;

- Rushed breezes since midnight, ouch yes September!

- In October everyone knows that from a big cloud the small rain happens;

- In October at one o`clock both a rain, and snow;

- Cries October cold tears;

- In October say goodbye to the sun, is closer to an oven be selected;

- November - sentyabrev the grandson, oktyabrev the son, winter the brother (option: native father);

- Is cold the father October, and November and it perekholodit.

And the Pushkin statement about what roads - one of two misfortunes of Russia in a national rumor was expressed thus:

- In September the spoon of water does two bogs;

- October neither wheels nor does not love a runner.

But November characterized differently: November and a wheel and a runner loves.

Phenological signs are poetically presented in national sayings also:

- Kohl early falls down a leaf, the winter early happens;

- Sunshowers in the fall - winter with streaks of gray;

- Cranes early and highly fly - winters cold stand;

- the Harvest on a mountain ash - heat better a back.

About fall remember in allegories of philosophical character: there is no

- From fall by summer of turn;

- gives Summer roots, and fall - seeds;

- the Autumn fly bites more painfully.

Emphasizing uselessness something, Japanese, unlike ours like a fish needs a bicycle declare: as fan in the fall . That do not count your chickens before they are hatched all for certain heard, - painfully expression is widespread. By the way, the German analog of the same thought by fall it is not attached .

- Man soll den Tag nicht vor dem Abend loben, - Germans say what in a literal translation means: it is not necessary to praise day till the evening.

But in Russia the chicken proverb had relatives. For example that that allocates roles of owners: consider, the woman, chickens till fall, and, the man, measure bread on spring. Or another, more transparent contents: in the fall and chickens hens will be.

Well, and how at you with chickens? Fall outside. It is time to consider!