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To whom Sergey Yesenin in the poem " said goodbye; Good-bye, my friend ? Part 5

Before a fatal trip to Leningrad Sergey Yesenin did not manage to meet and say goodbye to the true friend of the last year of the short life glorified by the actor of the Moscow Art Theatre Kachalovy (Shverubovich) to whom became attached with all the heart.

They made friends in March, 1925, and Vasily Ivanovich wrote down the impressions of their first meeting in his apartment: I entered and uvidat Yesenin and Jim - they already got acquainted and sat on a sofa, having closely nestled to each other . Later Vasily Ivanovich remembered: And this first evening of our acquaintance, and then I always tested pleasure from its reading. It had the true skill and infectious sincerity .

Between Kachalov and Yesenin warm friendly relations were established: they were pulled together by warm-heartedness, talent and popularity though the glorified actor was more senior than the poet for twenty years. Lyubov Yesenina to the native earth touched Vasily Ivanovich to a lump in a throat, and he penetrating read verses of the poet on a platform: We leave gradually now... . At the end of May they met in Baku where was all city - a continuous legend of Yesenin . The poet came to theater with roses, got acquainted with Stanislavsky and read the penetrating verses: That for everything, for sins my heavy, for disbelief in grace, put me in the Russian shirt under icons to die .

The poet should die not under icons, and grabbing a heating pipe. Kachalov at this time, being in theatrical club, remembered suddenly Yesenin, and the concern captured cold: about two o`clock in the morning it for some reason asked Anatoly Mariyengof about Sergey. Having heard from it that the poet was treated in " recently; sanatoria and now is in Leningrad, Vasily Ivanovich suggested to drink for his health noted later: All lifted glasses... I do not know and, apparently, it and it is not established whether lived, whether still our Sergey that minute breathed... .

Perhaps, in the same time Wolf Ehrlich considered how to show a farewell note of Yesenin, without causing suspicions, and the management of OGPU decided what testimony can rescue reputation of the retaliatory bodies which did not manage professionally to break the poet who was so hoping for their help. Letting out from the country rhymer not wishing to become state Soviet writer companions security officers probably very much wanted to receive its consent to become the obedient informer and to create under their control.

Practice of informing of the Soviet citizens who are going abroad will be used everywhere by omnipotent oprichnina before the collapse of the USSR. With his world glory, the similar offer had to seem to Yesenin an insult, and he quite could start an honor fight. Confession of the participant of the tragedy in Angleterre fifty years later after solution of the case about Yesenin`s suicide confirms this version: These hands .

Yesenin`s murder, according to the hereditary nobleman Nikolay Leonidovich Leontyev serving in retaliatory bodies and performing a task of the management of OGPU together with Blyumkin nobody planned: he was suggested to be become the secret informer and by that to relieve themselves of troubles. However the offer it infuriated Yesenin, and he rushed with fists on Dzerzhinsky`s security officers. Leontyev, allegedly, incidentally shot in a dump, and the bullet passed under the right eye of Yesenin, and Blyumkin hit it with the gun handle. The crippled poet probably fainted, and security officers decided to dramatize suicide.

Yesenin, has to be, rolled up and transferred to other number (the artist Svarog doing sketches from the dead poet paid attention that his shirt and trousers were entirely in fibers from the carpet lying in number on a floor) - that is why late at night on December 27 the commandant of hotel urgently was necessary. According to the old man Leontyev who did not wish to carry away with himself in a grave the crime freight tormenting him it is more than fifty years, Yesenin was tried to be hung up by means of a belt, but that was short therefore tightened it on a neck and leaned the head against a heating pipe. And only that the poet was probably still living when he was hung up did not venture to admit the former security officer to the young officer.

Probably, at once reported on the administration to Moscow on the tragedy, and it, has to be, decided destiny of the poet crippled by Dzerzhinsky`s security officers trying to break the victim with the gun at a temple. On December 28, 1925 at half past ten a.m. in the fifth number where Yesenin hung, entered it friends together with the commandant, caused militia and the Leningrad writers. Boris Lavrenyov wrote the obituary under the name Executed by degenerates also insisted that it was placed in To the Red newspaper : my moral duty orders me to tell time in life the naked truth and to call executioners and murderers - executioners and murderers whose black blood will not wash away a blood spot on a shirt of the tortured poet .

On December 31, 1925 Moscow said goodbye to the ingenious lyric poet of Russia: all night long there were people a never-ending stream to the Publishing house on which the huge banner with an inscription was attached: The Body of the great Russian national poet is based " here;. Yesenin was buried on the Vagankovo Cemetery under an orthodox cross, Kachalov read his verses, forever saying goodbye to the friend, and mother of the poet, Tatyana Fyodorovna, served memorial service for the son. All expenses charged to the state...

On January 18, 1926 at a memorial evening of Sergey Yesenin in the Moscow Art Academic Theatre Vasily Ivanovich Kachalov read Lev Trotsky`s letter as mystical punishment to public opinion, being led by Sosnovsky : We lost Yesenin - such great poet, such fresh, such present. And as tragicly lost! It left itself, blood having said goodbye to the unmarked friend, - can be, with all of us .