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In what advantage, and in what harm of the cook - Coca?

So, in what usefulness - insalubrity the cook - Coca and whether there is actually a secret of production of the glorified drink?

The fact that highly carbonated drinks are not recommended to be drunk to the persons having diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path is a fact of common knowledge. You should not abuse similar drinks, and in particular the cook - Coca, and for the reason that excess receipt in an organism of the phosphoric acid which is contained in them can cause deficiency of calcium.

But even the fact that, causing diarrhea at the continuous use, sparkling water can lead to pancreatitis, to violations from zhelchevyvodyashchy ways and a pancreas and to other pathological processes - there is more to come. The American journalist Rich Bakhler, more than thirty years comparing rumors about injuriousness of the cook - Coca and similar to it drinks, with the scientifically based facts and experiments, published data on as far as fears of consumers are true.

High level of acidity of the drink loved by the people does, it is, possible its use (only do not do big eyes, dear readers, for certain you more than once heard it) as cleaning (!) for cleaning of contacts of automobile accumulators, gloss giving to toilet bowls etc. of

I, imagine means for removal of a rust and a scum, In the USA there are even managements and useful tips on housekeeping with application of similar " household chemicals;. The cook - Coca as tell about it with love in the people, delete rust spots from the chromeplated bumper of the car and corrosion from batteries in the same car. Glasses became dusty? And here you will be helped by our hardworking assistant! You cannot untwist the rusted bolt? Too it does not matter! Reliable Queen of " drinks; and here - it is a duck soup! - will help out you: only only moisten a rag, wind with it a bolt for several minutes, and it`s in the bag!

It is possible to wash also strongly polluted clothes, adding the cook - to stake together with laundry detergent to the washing machine. And to clean the hammered sink or a toilet bowl, it is only necessary to pour out only there to bank of drink and not to wash away within an hour. The cook`s distributors - Coca use it 20 years for cleaning of motors of the trucks.

What active ingredient is such is present at structure of favourite drink? It is the phosphoric acid which is already mentioned above, rn which it is equal to 2,8. And here from - behind this of acid the soft drink, most popular in the world, is accused - of causing damage to health of consumers. The fact worrying consumers is also that the cars transporting the cook`s concentrate - stakes, are without fail supplied with the sign Dangerous freight and special anticorrosive pallets for production.

I can provide the small photo report about application of the cook here - stakes for cleaning polluted by a scum or a rust of objects. Also pay attention to comments to it! There, which - where is written that doctors sometimes recommend the cook - Coca whether from the " viruses; whether as medicine for a stomach .

And why is also not present, dear readers!? At ours - with a deposit which just also forms a scum in teapots and pans, maybe, sometimes and it is useful for water to drink that it cleaner to clean natural " tanks; and pipes ? So, of course, it would be unfair to adduce arguments only prosecutors - accusers . And it is indisputable, at Queens of " drinks; there are also the lawyers are defenders ., who not unreasonably claim that the acid which is contained in it is present as well at harmless juice, and at dairy products.

Is present. But, unfortunately, in the majority of the aerated soft drinks - such as cook - or Pepsi - Coca, destructive potential of acid everything is time in ten above, than at fruit juice, and therefore they are dangerous to tooth enamel. This conclusion was drawn on the basis of the experiments made by Youzhny`s University of Illinois where 20 brands of soft drinks including their dietary (that is not containing sugar) versions were investigated.

Yes, fact, of course, unfavourable: the cook - a stake - the enemy of teeth! But, knowing about it, it is possible to take pleasant drink moderately. And what else is such special as a part of the cook - Coca, from - for what the recipe it is stored under seven locks? Written by Pemberton`s hand, the secret of almost already sacred, superprofitable, legendary drink is stored in the special safe, and only the top management of the company has access to it. But that is interesting - even these highest figures can open the safe only in the presence of each other.

Tried to open the recipe, of course, more than once, and here one of options of interpretation of structure which is given in materials of the " magazine; Power . In the beginning is formed so-called black elixir:

80 drops of essential oil orange;

of 40 drops of essential oil cinnamon;

of 120 drops of essential oil lemon;

of 20 drops of essential oil coriander;

of 40 drops of oil of a nutmeg;

of 40 drops of oil of not role;

of essential oil of a lime - to taste.

Then on 10 liters of water 42 grams of a black elixir, 113 grams of citrate of caffeine, 56 grams of orthophosphoric acid, 28 grams of extract of vanilla undertake. And then sugar - the whole 13,5 kilograms is added. It turns out that 9 spoons of sugar are the share of one glass of drink. It is a bit too much. But it is tasty!

Perhaps therefore it helps miracle cure - an elixir and from stresses, and from nerves and from teeth and from impotence (it Pemberton claimed), and causes such pleasant flavoring feelings? Here only neither cooks, nor stakes in it already davny - are present long ago... And still it does not prevent us to enjoy it!

I wish also to you, our dear readers, having weighed all for and against to take moderately this most favourite drink in the world and to be always cheerful and healthy!