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How to establish, be registered and play Counter Strike on the Internet.

For a start I want to explain for those who do not know Counter Strike - the network action, most popular in the world, from the first person. In it play millions of people. On this game world competitions are held. And the Russian team is considered one of the strongest.

And so that to begin to play on the Internet Counter Strike it is necessary for you :

1 . To acquire the license Counter Strike version from the publisher beech surely license because, another will not work on the Internet. Do not try to buy piracy and to try to save, only in vain you will spend money, it is checked, will not work with

2 . At installation of game choose the folder where you will establish Game, I advise you on that logical disk where there is more place because game needs to be updated constantly, and on by game you will need to establish steam by which it will be periodically updated too.

3 . When to be established game you will need to be registered in steam, for this purpose you will need to think up login (nickname) and the password; at registration surely specify the operating e-mail address, it is required to you if you forget the password.

4 . After installation the steam updating will begin, its speed will depend on the speed of your Internet, the it is higher, the quicker to be updated steam.

5 . After that you need to start steam and to come into a bookmark my games.

6 . Now press to add game and into the empty field enter serial number which is in a box with game.

7 . The following stage you will need to update Counter Strike.

8 . Then install the latest drivers on to video the card.

9 . Execute reset of the computer.

10 . Start game, choose in the " menu; to find the " server;.

11 . Specify whether you want to play with chit - codes or not.

12 . Choose the continent with players on which you want to play (my council, play on the European).

13 . Update search.

14 . When at you to appear the list of servers, will choose with the smallest pin (it is specified by the latest).

15 . If you have a desire during game to exchange words with players the teams, buy the microphone.

16 . After connection of the microphone come into the menu of game and choose control of a sound, and put a tick opposite to the inscription support of the " microphone;.

17 . Game pleasant to you.

System requirements: Pentium or Athlon 1 processor. 2 GHz (2 are recommended. 4), 256MB of random access memory (it is recommended 512MB), the video card compatible to DirectX7 (DirectX9 is recommended), the Windows 2000/XP/ME/98 operating system, a mouse, the keyboard, connection to the Internet.