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Krisiz of world economy... from where it undertook and when ends?

In all news write about manifestation of symptoms of crisis and little about the reasons now, and is investigative also understanding of process of recovery. The bulk of people absolutely got confused and does not understand the reasons of proikhodyashchy. So that occurred, occurs and will happen to world economy?

As we know, money is a gold equivalent, and to it the main binding of their cost is carried out. So was long ago, long ago... now the cost of the money which is in free circulation in the state with freely convertible currency cannot exceed to the saved-up equivalent of gold and dollars at the state. In order that these accumulation grew and they were not eaten by inflation, the national bank of these states invests them in stock market. Dollars are invested in their liquid equivalent bringing it is desirable the stable and predictable income - securities. The price of these papers of a straight line is connected with their quotation on securities market.

As soon as papers cease to bring in the income - are exempted from them and therefore there is a collapse of the market of these papers. Keyword, here not value and quotation i.e. what to consider also what not to consider as a security - an equivalent of money. The state of (USA) itself - was discharged of these functions, having given them to players market. Who establishes for himself rules of the game and can them without allowing change it to do to the opponent - that obviously and wins. For this reason the phrase " so often is now heard; capitalism - a casino in relation to the created situation.

Since the middle 80 - x the U.S. Government began as they told to liberalize the securities market, and with arrival of administration of Bush, was completely given by the right of the most bank and investment industry to establish rules of formation of securities - an equivalent of money. I.e. the industry which initially had to take in a loan money from the state and other commercial structures and brings in the income at service them, began to create and form to itself a money equivalent. In other words, if the goat had to zarabtyvat for cabbage earlier, then now he began to think as most it to create or just to call by it what is not edible at what called he safely sold cabbage receiving in replacements real at the expense of which not only lived, but also grew rich.

Here so after 2001 mortgage banks and funds the financing 100% of cost of purchase of houses began to be created at very liberal assessment of their cost and consequently the sum giving annual percent which is necessary for a formirovaniyaa of sale of these securities. These banks and funds were not interested any more as the buyer will pay for the taken sum during long time of t. to the purpose of their creation there was a fast resale. These mortgages kept within in a package in blue a ribbon under the name securities also were on sale in stock market for already real money. Easy availability of finance caused unknown rise of cost of real estate for all history of the USA. This growth was called Bush`s administrations economic recovery and by it it was provoked.

It is clear, that as soon as borrowers ceased to pay according to the inflated and excessive mortgage obligations - mortgage papers depreciated. These valuable papers are scattered on all world stock market now. Them individuals as the pension plan and investments own as the state, as an equivalent of the internal currency, and.

That is why this crisis - global crisis. If internal money of any state is not supported with a dollar equivalent - they have to be withdrawn from circulation. The conclusion from the address can try to be drawn in Russia by not a refund on deposits, but in the western states to make it nevozhmozhno, and on this money becomes cheaper, t. e goes sharp inflation races. Simple people worldwide, t will pay for all this. e those who has no opportunity to change rules of the game, regardless who they are are Americans, Russians or Tahitians.

For treatment of a viral illness it is necessary to kill a virus, symptoms of an illness will leave slowly. The senate so far only prescribed a sick market of a drop from cold. An estimated cost of the default credits in the USA today about 1,5 trillion dollars at the total amount of a national mortgage loan about 13 trillion. In order that to return everything to a condition of initial balance it is required to withdraw all poor the actual and already lowered cost of houses mortgage loans. Them nobody can call the sum... 2 trillion... 3... 4. The first investment companies which bought up these packages of securities went bankrupt. They were not laymans in the business and some of them existed about 100 years. But even they gave in to feeling of money-making in a pursuit of fast profit and neglected the analysis and common sense.

Bankrotsvo of investment companies was caused by reduction of liquid part of the capital of banks. Banks in turn will not be able to issue the new credits or even to pay the old credits to the companies occupied in the main sector of production. The last in turn, will not be able to rasplavivatsya according to the undertaken obligations and to pay materials and payments of salaries. In the presence an otsutviya of money (as the hero from " spoke; 12 chairs ) the bulk of people will not be able to buy goods and services. Everything, the circle became isolated and it captured all world economy integrated into one production cycle.

So far pravitelsvtvo tries to give 700 billion, from future taxes of the American budget, to bank structures of Wall Street without changing a rule of the game, i.e. the rule of formation of these papers. Therefore krisiz it can be slowed down so far, but we will not stop.

The goat so far still has a right to call cabbage all that he will want to sell to us and to receive from us in replacements real. Here it is necessary to think who a trestle who well operates a goat and who was a ram of which conducts the leader - a trestle on a slaughter.