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How to reveal a drug addiction at the teenager?

Drug addiction - a horrible disease. As a rule, children and teenagers - as the least critical and most inspired part of the population are involved in drug addiction first of all.

Consequences of drug addiction are, as a rule, irreversible. In process of development of an illness personal and physiological changes accrue, manifestations of social and psychological degradation, signs physical " are observed; failure .

It is almost impossible to recover from drug addiction, conscientious doctors and patients honestly admit the remission fact (retreat of an illness), but not full treatment. However, the treatment - the more chances of a successful outcome, that the risk of repetition will remain only risk is begun earlier and that life become dependent will last not several years, but several decades.

Therefore it is extremely important to notice disturbing signs in time . So, to what it is necessary to pay attention? It is necessary to be disturbed and consult at the expert (at first without teenager, then - it is obligatory with him personally) in case you notice:

- anything, at first sight, not reasonable decrease in progress at school within the last months;

- loss of interest in sport, the hobbies which were earlier giving pleasure and being an essential part of the life of the teenager;

- decrease in immunity, deterioration in a state of health: frequent catarrhal diseases, appetite loss, weight loss;

- frequent and continuous begging of money at family members and relatives;

- self-isolation, discharge from participation in life of a family and society (educational, sports, friendly collective);

- the reserve increased even for the teenager, privacy;

- a position of self-defense and a total self-justification in talk on features of behavior;

- the lowered mood, negativism, excessively critical and negative attitude to habitual, usual things, events, family traditions;

- irascibility, unmotivated aggression and irascibility;

- frequent, unpredictable change of mood.

The last four features are normal peculiar to teenagers within age crisis, but represent diagnostic markers sets with all other signs.

So, all above-mentioned is peculiar factors of the formed drug addiction. In case of detection of these disturbing manifestations you do not hesitate with reaction, but also do not go too far. You remember, at this stage situation still can be improved. It is necessary to seek to help the teenager, but not to drive him into a corner retaliatory sanctions, charges and carrying out inquiry - it will inevitably lead to aggravation of a situation.

Situation is more dangerous if drug addiction is already created . Can be signs of it:

- the increasing indifference to all surrounding;

- sharp decrease in progress in all objects, especially including those that fell within the scope of interests of the teenager earlier;

- emergence of tattoos, traces of burns, cuts on forearms;

- alternation of mutually exclusive states: periodic dashing aside from apathy, drowsiness, increased fatigue in inexplicable vigor;

- violation of memory, ability to think logically (loss from memory whole " very much has to guard; pieces events and essential pieces of life);

- emergence of untidiness, slovenliness, untidiness, especially - at girls: refusal of a morning toilet, disinterest in change of clothes - all this very disturbing signs;

- the increasing falsity - as in critical situations, and absolutely unmotivated, in situations when absolutely it would be possible to do without deception;

- excessively expanded or narrowed pupils - inadequate to lighting level (as it is known, normal pupils extend in the dark and are narrowed at bright light).

If you found out a little (and furthermore - the majority or even all) from above-mentioned signs are sad certificates that drug addiction, probably, already takes place. In this situation visit to the narcologist, to the psychologist and your full support is obligatory: you remember that through joint efforts it is possible to achieve essential results. However if to samootstranitsya if to take an accusatory position or to accept a pose of an ostrich - I see nothing, I hear nothing, all a lie, it cannot be! - consequences can accept irreversible character.

Especially menacing can consider situation in the presence of the following signs:

- emergence of the considerable sums of money or expensive objects in private use of the teenager without distinctly explainable source of the income;

- opposite, inexplicable and systematic loss from the house of the considerable sums or values;

- obvious a state of intoxication and flavourless inadequacy of alcohol;

- loss of memory of the events which are taking place in the period of such intoxications ;

- detection of syringes, needles, bottles, the smoked ware, manganese, acetic acid, acetone, solvents, availability of unknown powders, tablets, a grass, etc., especially, if they are hidden (intended representation of attributes of drug addiction - the certificate absolutely of other problems, and is a subject for separate article);

- reddening of eyeballs, a brown raid in language, traces from pricks in places of wrists, elbow bends, a femoral artery, veins on brushes and stupnyakh.

At identification of similar signs the address to the doctor has to have immediate character. It is necessary to understand that it is possible to help at this stage not to all. A lot of things depend both on the identity of the drug-addicted teenager, and on his environment: families, circle of contacts. However it is necessary to try: only with support from the family and friends the addict can stop in that or ache degrees. You remember: delay in this case in literal sense of death is similar as the created dependence with the expressed deformations of an organism and mentality is often irreversible.

Alas, there are distances from which any more not to return But in our forces not to allow our relatives to go to them.