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Whom it is possible to call the writer? Whether

Many of us thought of true value of this word and of that semantic loading which it in itself bears? And value of this word underwent considerable transformation together with the changing society and level of public consciousness.

So, in the explanatory dictionary of V. Dahl in edition 1880 - 1882 it is the word it is interpreted as follows: The Writer of m - writing something, a feather or a brush, but Bol. in mean. author, writer. Everywhere scribblers more, than writers. As we see, already at that time in public consciousness these two concepts began to differ, and the word " began to become more title; writer . It began to bear big semantic loading.

Semantics and etymology of this word as though lie on a surface and without special work any, without reflecting, will answer that there was this word from the verb to write . And interpretation of this word in the dictionary B. The 19th centuries obviously points Dahl to it, however at the same time in him also the existing distinction between just writing feather and the author, the writer is noted.

In the sensible dictionary of D. N. Ushakov in edition 1939 - 1940 value of this word is interpreted as follows: The Writer, the m of People writing the literary works . That is it is necessary to recognize that steady transformation of concept of the word from simply writing to writing literary works is obviously noticeable. And consequently, obvious communication of this concept with literature and literary work is seen.

S. I. Ojegov`s dictionary, later absolutely small time, gives the following concept which, in our opinion, not too differs from previous: The WRITER, - I, m of People which is engaged in literary work, writes the art literary works . A difference in fact small, to the phrase literary works the epithet " is added; art . Already permanent communication between writing and literary work is obviously looked through. However, difference noticeable.

Recently word writer began to abuse strongly, mixing these two concepts though still quite recently the difference between the writer and the writer was rather strictly observed. Conditionally speaking, the first as if treated the highest caste. The writer always had a hope sometime to deserve an honourable name of the writer which further and why and is not present, perhaps, will begin to acquire type epithets popular, known, glorified, read, demanded as it became fashionable to speak now, large and, at last, you never can tell, great!

Earlier always true experts and admirers of the art word with the known share critics treated hitherto unknown writer who, without suffering from excessive modesty, began to call suddenly himself the writer, without having at the same time any powerful arguments to it, except several, and even one - two insignificant literary opuses published in the local factory newspaper.

Therefore much more modestly was also more noble to be called and content with a name of the worker of literary work, the writer. In any case, the writer`s rank always defined belonging to a certain profession or even to hobby. To declare the belonging to a certain profession or hobby it is not shameful at all.

Unfortunately, now many of those who are engaged in literary work in a varying degree do not show such restraint in an assessment of the work, calling himself, not being interested at the same time in opinion of people around, the writer.

However, not everyone who writes and even publishes written, is a writer and can with the full right on that in this way call itself. Presently and everyday used the word " became absolutely everyday; author and, probably, it is necessary to recognize that this word and is an honourable title for the writer.

The author in translation from Latin means creator so, and the creator of the author`s, literaturno processed works, and, therefore, it is impossible to call this word everyone writing who only makes attempts to resort to art of the written word.

At the same time borders of literary art cannot be established neither on literary genres, nor on subject, and lines peculiar to the writer should be looked for in the world of his imagination created by his creative imagination, expressed in it the written literary work in which it is shown conceived by literary intelligence emotionally - moral effect.

Progress to you in literary work and literary skill!