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Whether the truth that stakes his Majesty Sluchay became the father well-known the cook-?

Happen so that purely incidentally in the world there is a set of the things, with pleasure used then grateful and happy mankind, even not thinking that these things were born only thanks to its majesty Sluchayu.

The American researcher Charlotte Jones even devoted to a subject of casual inventions and opening the whole book under the name Mistakes which earned .

Here and famous darling many the cook`s drink - Coca, praised to high heaven by Americans, is just one of such inventions.

It happened so that once May serene (or perhaps rainy) in the afternoon the doctor - the druggist John Pemberton from the city of Atlanta (the State of Georgia, the USA), being engaged in the in laboratoriiocheredny scientific research, realized one of the guesses which was born from the union of professional experience and scientific intuition.

The doctor - the druggist prepared original mixture which would help at fatigue, nervous breakdowns and stresses, and also from a toothache in addition would be also is nice to the taste. For this purpose he used an extract from leaves of the South American plant of the cook (three parts) and the African nuts of a stake (one part) possessing the toning properties.

Having tried ready mixture, Pemberton understood that he was not mistaken in the invention. Pemberton`s accountant Frank Robinson involved to assistance right there thought up the name for new drink and so successfully wrote calligraphical beautiful letters of the word for a label that this emblem is used as a logo in production " to this day; Coca - Cola .

Having patented new medicine (syrup), Pemberton sent him for sale to the largest drugstore of the city of Atlanta, and the first two glasses were sold on the same day - at five cents in a portion. But actually " drink; Coca - Cola it turned out thanking successful negligence the pharmacist who, having mixed cranes, instead of usual water added aerated to syrup.

In the first year of the cook - Coca did not equal hopes of Pemberton who spent for advertizing of new carbonated drink of $79. 96, and sold it only for $50. But gradually the cook - Coca gained the increasing popularity, and profits on sales respectively grew.

In 1892 the businessman Kendler who redeemed the rights for release of the cook from Pemberton - Coca, founded the " company; The Coca - Cola Company who is engaged in its production and until now. The cook - Coca is made now and drink in 200 countries of the world. When in 1902 a turn from its sales reached $120 thousand, it became the most known drink in the USA. The same year her main competitor - " was born; The Pepsi - Cola Company - the company on production Pepsi - " Coca;

At the very beginning of a way of formation of the glorified his Pemberton`s child primogenitor did not hide that drink contains cocaine. Cocaine at that time was not considered as dangerous substance at all and therefore it was not forbidden. It was freely sold (!) and often added for pleasure and a tone (!) in drinks instead of alcohol. Also the cook - a stake did not become an exception.

That cocaine is unhealthy, then also the nobility not the hall and to know did not know. In the story The Sign of the Four Conan of Doyle, for example, Sherlock Holmes does to himself minutes of melancholy and apathy of an injection of cocaine to lighten mood. But at the end of 1890 - x the public opinion turned away from cocaine, having recognized it as dangerous narcotic substance.

And published in 1903 in the " newspaper; New York Tribune the devastating article turned outlook of all America concerning cocaine, claiming that because of Kok - stakes began to occur frequent cases of attack of Blacks, inhabitants of city slums, on white people.

And only when information that cooks but only only " do not add fresh leaves to the cook any more - to a stake was published; squeezed out from which all cocaine, here then (in fifty years after the invention) the cook is removed - Coca got for Americans already indisputable title of a national symbol - almost icons.

Popularity of drink flew up to a vast height and increased in a geometrical progression every year. All of the cook - the Coca made more than in 100 years, poured in bottles and which is laid out to one line could:

to twist with itself our Earth 4334 times;

to be stretched to the Moon and back 1045 times.

And how to you here such faktik? If all developed during its production of the cook - to distribute Coca in bottles to inhabitants of the planet, then each of us would receive 767 bottles!

And - and ee - hkh!! And who drank it so much?

- Oh, greedy! Drank everything and did not leave to me at all - as Shakespearean Juliette would tell.

Strangely enough, the kalamburchik turned out in a subject. If to quote completely, then Juliette`s words sound so:

What is seen by me!

In Romeo`s hand a bottle!

So poison brought untimely death.

O is greedy! Drank everything and did not leave

merciful to me to the aid At all!

I directly will kiss You on a mouth.

Perhaps, poison on them still remained, -

It to me will help to die blissfully.

(Kisses Romeo.)

So what present structure of the cook - Coca whether it is dangerous to our transitory bodies the same as what Romeo had in a bottle? And about it is in the following article!