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What myths surrounded work of the psychologist?

the Psychologist - rather young profession for our country. Russians, we that is, did not get used to call the marked expert to the aid yet. Not therefore whether there are so many myths concerning activity of the psychologist? Let`s understand what myths are?

Myth the first. Psychologist as priest. If to consider that within many centuries people unburdened the heart, repented, confessed to the priest, then the origin of this myth becomes obvious. Here and now someone can go to the psychologist in hope to be listened, forgiven, understood. The psychologist for such people is a Saint, infallible person, and his workplace - the temple of kindness, forgiveness. In principle, such point of view has the right for existence to activity of the psychologist. In confirmation to that, the Christian, orthodox psychology combining spirituality of the priest and professionalism of the scientist - the psychologist began to develop in recent years.

Myth of the second. The psychologist - the sorcerer, the wizard, the shaman. The origin of this myth is clear without words, to whom too as not to astrologers, sorcerers, magicians people in the ancient time addressed for a wise advice and support. Here and now someone lays hopes on the psychologist that he in a word, one council, wave of a magic wand will solve a problem. Such expectations are vain.

The myth the third - philosophical. The client sees in the psychologist of the vsevedayushchy wise man, the cleverest, widely-read, educated person.

The myth the fourth - karmic (from the word karma ) astrological. It is similar to two previous. The client with such idea of work of the psychologist comes to the expert with complaints: The Card not so laid down! Stars and planets incorrectly settled down! Not on the cards to me to solve this problem! I am pursued by ill fate! etc.

the Myth the fifth - medical. The person comes to the psychologist as to an appointment, in communication with the expert uses medical terms, calls and considers himself unhealthy, the patient needing treatment. In some sense the psychologist - too the doctor - the doctor of soul, but in this case the most part of responsibility for healing the client undertakes.

The myth of the sixth - adequate. It and not the myth in general because the person, going for reception to the psychologist, knows well that can be expected, is ready to take active part in the help to. Such client can directly speak: I have a problem! I have a phobia, a depression, a stress .

As if the client treated work of the psychologist, the last has to adapt whenever possible to ideas of the client of it, meet these expectations, speak in the client`s language and at the same time gradually, unostentatiously, but persistently to help it (client) to reach bigger adequacy of understanding of activity of the psychologist. In other words, it is desirable that the person in the beginning perceiving the psychologist as the wizard, the magician, the sorcerer began to perceive it as expert, professional, scientist - the psychologist.