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How many there are school estimates?

Are not really expensive, about 1100 - 1600 rub a year. It is offered to pay parents of the Nizhny Novgorod school students for receiving access to estimates of children so much.

Here such good, apparently, project organized one Internet - the company. All information, whether it be progress or attendance, together with dates of PTA meetings and other data, will gather on the website, having come on which the parent can get acquainted with a situation of the child at school.

The difference in cost is defined by existence of additional SMS - service, transfer of information on the mobile phone of the parent. At the same time access to such confidential data is provided especially personal, that is only to the child .

However, not all is so cloudless. It would seem what can be simpler? Signed the contract with schools, collected data, laid out on the website, sent the notice. However successful realization requires also active participation of schools. While they quite passively treat this innovation and not strongly show desire to cooperate: from 260 Nizhny Novgorod schools only 22 take part in the project.

With what it is connected, it is difficult to tell, likely, with additional unpaid load of teachers of data input or lack of a possibility of allocation for this certain operator.

And it would seem that it is simpler - to buy the teacher the small pocket computer (PDA) or even the laptop (put at elementary school to all kids computers, than the teacher is worse?) . Gave the excellent - at once in the file everything noted, the remark to the pupil or other comment there. Then on change or at the end of the day started data transmission or synchronization - and everything, information already on the website, parents are happy and happy. Some kind of virtual magazine which is in fact the CRM element - systems, the teacher allowing to operate effectively relationship - the pupil - the parent turns out.

Certainly, it will demand from teachers of a certain preparation, but I am sure that to our teachers quite in power to master the unpretentious interface of the same Microsoft Office or other simple program.

Besides, such programs will allow to disconnect a possibility of viewing of history of all estimates of the pupil at themselves and at other teacher. What for? At least to reduce dependence of future estimates on history of the magazine (as in the known joke: to 3 - go a course the student works for the record book, with 3 - go a course the record book works for the student). Pupils will be in more equal conditions, everyone will have an identical chance to receive either a good or bad note depending on its readiness for a lesson, but not from the general tendency of estimates in the " magazine;.

Mashenka, something you badly answer today, you got sick? Sit down, have a rest

Petrov, you, of course, not bad answer today, well, I will deliver you a troyechka

Familiar situation, truth?

Yes, there are many nuances. Yes, each parent uses the mass of the efforts that studied his child easier. Yes, there is a wish to be sure that to the child not will spoil in the certificate.

Yes, yes, yes! And still!

More likely, it is ill turn, than the help to the child who gets used to the red carpet which is instantly spread at his emergence. From here - pain and disappointment when it is necessary to use the efforts for receiving the desirable. However, it already another story altogether.

For now there is a pilot project which in many respects facilitates life to parents and complicates it to pupils a little. No delay, truancies and the torn-out pages of the diary with the two can be hidden. I think even, as a slogan of the company it is possible to advise We do secret obvious .

For today the project is financed by parental purses, but in the future organizers expect to make it free, and means for payback of the project to scoop in other area - advertizing.