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You communicate? Well - well... Riddle Schoolmates

are a shame to admit to me it, but I admit: I was registered on " too; Schoolmates . Because wanted to look which of my class is written down, and without registration does not allow to look there.

Well registered. Looked. And as I (for neverbalizuyemy reasons) did not begin to be registered under the surname (yes also a surname not that any more that was at school), for an identification exposed the photo 7b a class and wrote I to the right of Polina Yakovlevna .

The photo, however blocked soon: it is not specified where in the photo the author .

of Pa - and - and - a zvolta, is the photo of my class, and is exposed for my schoolmates - actually those who on it are depicted. In smoothed out (and not really) fartushka, with stared from diligence at one and with playfully running - at others. THEY - THAT know where they and where I? Also it is written that I - to the right of Polina what else? - that it is absolutely clear for them?

For whom should specify identification marks and to mark itself ? For strangers? They do not concern me, and the school greyish photo of 1969 should not concern them, apparently. Forbidden by censorship there nothing is obvious is not present - all children in shape, Polina Yakovlevna in a jersey suit... In what business? It guarded me, moreover - even somehow omerzit, I felt as on some medical examination or interrogation, and quickly left a page, having decided to come back never.

However the mutually identification happened to schoolmates, I exchanged addresses with whom wanted (those there were three, but after an exchange of vigorous letters in the spirit of hi, how are you business did not go) and on it intended to finish the relations with this resource and to forget about it.

Not here - that was!

On me spam with enticing stories about new on any the clown lotions not necessary to me on this website, knows some offers to be on friendly terms figs from whom, the shrill advertizing " fell down; now it is possible to estimate others photos!!! and so on. It was necessary to eradicate absolutely there the account.

But the question of photos and their assessment for me all - remained obscure.

Cannot be understood what to whom business to photos of strangers, and as for photos of real schoolmates which it did not see hundred years and it (is admissible) I am glad to communicate - that what can be an assessment here what to estimate? Unless quality of the photo matters if it is old pictures from the childhood? in photos from THAT time not quality of shooting, not composition, truly is important? The feeling of that time, the flashed memoirs is important. And from the fact that the photo not so professional is also made on old To Change inept handles - it concerns even much more, in it there is more life, than in luster is not present?

A if is strangers, then besides why them to estimate? You do not know how they look in real - how to estimate whether well it turned out on a photo? For an assessment of skill of the photographer there is a set of the photowebsites and photo contests, and here a resource for communication, for memoirs and friendship?

I am answered that it is pleasant to people, and time is pleasant why and is not present. Really, if the idea silly indefinitely far off stinking razvodilovy for burdocks nevertheless is pleasant to much - on it it is possible to shrug philosophically shoulders (if you chistoplyuy), and it is possible to try to make kopek (if you the practical businessman). To estimate and calculate a friendship rating, a love index...

But now I understood for what this at first sight idiotic idea on schoolmates - an assessment of photos was conceived.... Oh, not idiotic it, no. I understood it how a giraffe, not at once. And why? Because my reasonings - primitive. Time it is written that for communication - I am a primitive: all I think that it is made really for communication of schoolmates. Well and a little bit for collection of information, not without that, well and reklamk to admit sacred business as - with, it is impossible - page.

But the people - that were bought, there were many delights though it seems there is a little okholonula - it is visible, all were . At the enterprises administrators in large quantities blocked access to To Schoolmates because serious people instead of giving all energy to profit markup - were rummaged hours on photo albums, put otsenochka or puzzled who suddenly put it in them stake whether intrigues it is Klavki from parallel which took notice of foreign husband! Simply mass insanity.

And it turns out, there that! Everything was made with a distant sight. It appears, they for money permit now to remove from photos of unit! And for money give the chance to climb in sections and albums of enemies the invisible being. That is besides is imperceptible to put these stakes for which REMOVAL they will take then from it kopek . It is rumored that they also do not disdain to place to users of stakes that that was what to pay for... By a hand did not catch, but I can believe: fits in.

It is reasonable. It, I would even tell, harmoniously. Here on ShZh any impractical people - already and unit it is impossible to put anonymously, desire to explain, than it is dissatisfied and to subscribe. And not to make paid unit and paid removal of it? You represent how money of a poperla? Paid - put a stake. And he paid - removed! And I again! And here to you! And he began to cry and again paid - removed! And...

do not want. See, intellectuals, parted antimoniya. Is not present at people of moral plasticity!

And odnoklassnichka here do not stand on ceremony. Found at people a sensitive string - memoirs, old friendship. And from it it is possible to cut down a money though odious, and nevertheless...

Put not that services paid - I explain for extra-strong readers - I not against paid services no. Matter in such small pakostnost of these interpenetrating services in a vzyaimny objegorivaniye. Was whether you know, in old times such capacious concept - I will not offer a hand . Now speak in a clean floor I will not sit down nearby... - mentality changed. But the feeling remained.

Here, only I went deep into reflections about it to the rabkrena as to me pointed to on a substantial scale conceiving person who asked the same question. The offer is ingenious, I consider, odnoklassnikodela have to pay it %% from the income. I quote:

On Schoolmates invisible beings in caps were brought. The cost of a cap of darkness - $2,99 a month. I suggest creators of the website to develop a new package of services:

Anti-the invisible being will take off a cap of darkness from Vasya Pupkin visiting you for only $29,99 a month! (And Vasya - that, the sucker, will think that it is not visible!)

Damnepokh - the invisible being neutralizes anti-the invisible being for $299,99 (too in a month, it is natural).

Tychyooborzel is the invisible being for only $2999,99 a month will take off from Vasya Pupkin a cap, despite of his indifference, and at the same time will teach him not to use foul language in public places.

Pay $2999,99 - and you will visit the whole month absolutely imperceptibly the pages of personal and others` schoolmates, using traditional Russian technologies. Service The Invisible being - ViaRectum !

(From livejournal of the user of Parovoz).

And still it is necessary not to be bought on what is written and not to forget to apply to everything algorithm sarayny " litmus;. You remember a joke of Soviet period:

- Well as so, at you it is written " meat; and there is no meat!

- Well you never know where is written. On a shed of wons that is written, and there firewood.