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Whether it is easy to work at the cruise liner? The average inhabitant of the word " has

; tropics cruise sea the winters which are especially heard in the middle, instantly draw solar pictures of relaxing holiday and slackness in a brain. Someone returned from the holidays spent in Seychelles only recently, and someone since the childhood dreams to see pyramids Chichen - Itsa in Mexico

But to seamen tropical motives seem not such serene and, of course, are not associated with rest. Well what to do: someone works at office through couple of bus-stops, and someone for work should reach through many kilometers the most heavenly spots of the planet, and instead of office they are waited at the blue sea by the huge white steamship.

Now a set of firms on employment of seamen offer work on the most different cruise liners and yachts. Their offers look very invitingly: there are no especially difficult procedures for receiving necessary crusts it is necessary to know at least one foreign language (it will be better let it is English), to be aged from 21 till 35 years and actually, and all.

Already interview with the representative of the company - the employer is taken successfully place, the suitcase is packed, died down dump party. Also heavy labor everyday life begins.

Flight to the destination takes from several hours to several days, depending on where there is a vessel. In port usually there is a check point where it is necessary to show the passport and the contract. The same procedure should be repeated already onboard, and the passport is taken away until the end of the contract and very much protected because the company bears responsibility for this document. To each worker the key with number of its cabin is given, and searches of this cabin begin. Labyrinths of any corridors, hundreds of doors so far someone compassionate will not help the beginner to find the necessary number of a door with his suitcase.

Work depends on a post (beginners without certain skills usually start with cleaners). All hotel personnel of the cruise vessel are subdivided into departments: restaurant, bar, a hauzkiping (maids and cleaners), beauty shop, sport center, shop, an interteyment (dancers, clowns, conjurers, animators are inventors, etc. brotherhood), photographers and cameramen, nurses and nurses, a casino, accountants and administrators. Each department is headed by the managing director who has assistants. All these people together carry out the certain function in the difficult mechanism of service of tourists.

Schedules of works happen continuous or broken into morning - evening to a break in the middle of the day. Total number of business hours varies from several in days to 14 - 15 depending on a position. Changes day and night, in principle, work on the vessel does not stop for a minute - always somewhere something is cleaned, vacuumed or repaired.

The most responsible day for all is a landing of new party guests (and only this way it is accepted to call tourists on the vessel). Any preparation has to be complete beforehand, a shower is taken, the uniform, " is ironed; it is put on the shining smile. Everything shines around and smells sweet, and from the moment of completion of landing cruise begins actually. The vessel gives a loud signal of departure and, having quietly sighed, slowly leaves the port water area. Cruises last usually several days (4 - 7), but happen also multi-day (15 - 20, and even all 50 days). During this time it is possible to visit several countries at once, and even continents.

Work of a service staff is complicated by responsibility - each worker represents that huge cruise company which spends such large sums for advertizing and for arrangement of the vessels. And the bad feeling about cruise from - for a dirty pillowcase or the cooled-down soup can stain reputation of all firm. It is necessary to try to guess and anticipate any desire of the guest and, of course, not to allow emergence of the complaint or a claim. Managing directors of departments well understand it and often hold meetings with the subordinates, admonishing them.

To work happens and it is heavy (when it is necessary to lay 80 beds 2 times a day or to carry from kitchen huge trays with 20 plates), and it is easy (when the actor supports only few times cruise and that in the evening). And all this for 6 - 9 months of the contract. Salaries at crew members, as a rule, are always slightly higher, than at their overland friends, but it is necessary to consider, as the prices in tourist meccas are much higher too, than in Kharkiv or Vorkuta. And so there is a wish to bring home some unusual souvenir!

In operating time there is a strong wish home, just you dream to sit with a cup of tea at a window, listening to an autumn rain, but not a siren of educational alarm. But when, at last, both the teapot boiled, and weather forecasters promise rainfall, memory comes back to those unusual beauty which you once saw: magnificent sky, infinitely wide sea, silent rustle of palm trees Friends in all doomsday which you hardly once still will meet. The countries, the cities which you visited All this will remain in memoirs and will warm soul in the long cloudy evenings when brewing tea and rustles behind a window an autumn rain.