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How it is correct to choose French wine not to be disappointed?

For a right choice of wine, important know that French wines are divided into four categories of quality of wine.

1. The cheapest and simple " wines; Vins de Table de France - Table wines.

As a rule represent mix from different wines.

Table wines less strong also do not possess a refined bouquet, but have good tastes. These wines easier and ordinary, intended for the everyday use during food.

are served White table wines to snack, easy meat and fish dishes.

Red table wines, is more preferable in the winter as they well warm and approach meat, a shish kebab, a bird, and pilaf.

K to the French dining rooms of wine belong: Beaujour (white and red), " wine; Jean Deville (white and red), and also wine from the " collection; Pierre Marcel and Baron D`Arignac (white, pink and gift) and of the river

2. The following category of wines - local " French wines; Vins de Pays (VDP), they treat elite of Table wines. They are done only of certain grades of grapes of strictly established district.

From local wines should taste " collection wine; Jean - Paul Chenet (Jean - Paul Shen): Shardone - one of the most popular white wines, it approaches fish, seafood and Cabernet - Sira - the red dry wine emphasizing taste of red meat and cheeses. And also wine of the Louis Eschenauer collection (Louis Eshenauer) and " semi-dry red wine; Port du Solia Ruzh Port du Soleil Rouge with fruit aroma, wine is perfectly combined with cold appetizers, hot sandwiches, salads.

Is surprising on taste local Principaute d`Orange " red dry wine; To Prinsipata d`Orange in taste are felt tone of red berries and vanilla. This wine is well combined with meat dishes, vegetable baked puddings, and cheeses.

3. The third category of wines - vintage wines.

Vintage wines of the superior quality, are made in districts less known. However their origin are strictly controlled, as well as a set of grades of grapes, the minimum fortress, and the maximum output. On a label with such wine there is an abbreviation of V. D. Q. S. (VIN DELIMITE DE QUALITE SUPERIEURE).

the highest category of quality - wine of Controlled Names by origin - Appellation d`Origine Controlee (AOC). Quality of these wines are strictly controlled, and they are made in such known French provinces as: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Provence and of the river

the Most known wines of France Bordossky and Burgundian. One of the best-known Bordossky wines of the highest category - Petryus (red dry). Chateau Petrus is considered nearly the most expensive wine in the world. Also wines of Bordeaux belong to the most known: Madoc Bordeaux Grav Saint - Emilyon " Merlot; Cabernet " Sauvignon; Shatto Margo Shatto About - Brion Shatto Latur .

From the Burgundian wines should be tried: Bourgogne Chardonnay Burgon Shardone white dry wine from grapes of Shardone. Is ideally suited to light meat dishes.

will be suitable For fans of red wine to Bourgogne Pinot Noir Burgon Pino Noir red dry wine approaches cold meat appetizers, fried meat, bird dishes and cheeses, and also is combined also with fish dishes.

belongs To this class also one of the most universal wines which can be drunk with any food " at any time and practically; " Beaujolais;. The most known young " Beaujolais Nouveau; Beaujolais Nouveau it is very fresher, red dry wine with fruit taste. Wine is well combined with cheeses, light meat, sausages, bread, cold appetizers.

Should reminding that they at first drink red wines, and only then - white. It is important to remember, when giving wine it is necessary to raise degree, but not to lower it.