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Virtual change - prank or trouble?

Change to change discord - someone will tell. Also he will be wrong. It is possible to psikhologizirovat concept of a sin, but a sin a sin and will remain. It is possible to call change an easy entertainment, silly interest, and it is unimportant, real it or virtual - its consequences are always identical

Since the world wide web strongly wound all of us with the feelers, the rare person did not fall a victim of own curiosity. Forums, chats, dating sites, blogs and so on open before us earlier unknown world of virtual communication. Here it is optional to you to be oneself - you try on others images, you have a new name, and here you - any more not you.

On the one hand, it is even quite good - for ourselves we remove psychological barriers and we try to communicate as in life it with anybody was impossible to us. It is not necessary to be instantly at loss for words, there is time to think, to pinch someone`s thought, and then to give it for the. By itself it is happy excessively. Here nobody will see your face spots and will definitely hear stutter or disgusting diction, will be wrinkled from your unpleasant voice. You are the phantom, the invisible man, the superman, sexy - the lady, the bitch with a long-term experience or the nymphet - the temptress. You create yourself as little god. Your world is created, time to work came.

We go on a dating site. My God, what wide choice! With the put-out language you begin to examine tremblingly and greedy others appetizing forms and frank pictures. As in a market day, here on counters there is everything, take - I do not want. And absolutely for nothing! But to taste, it is necessary to become the member of this friendly staff, differently on show-window it will be possible to look only from a distance. The hand reaches for a treasured button registration and everything, the mechanism is started.

After laborious work over the questionnaire you or wait that someone on it will peck or you go to approach. The last - the privilege of men, however, other female courageous individuals this privilege do not shun. Then dependence begins. Every morning we run to check an elektronka. About! Heart without restraint fights - to you the letter! And so day after day, month after month. Characters change, passion gains steam.

All who are near you - wives husbands, girlfriends and darlings, pass into the background over time. Their qualities grow dull, and presence of close people at your life becomes something habitual and to a soreness of the mouth boring. Now fire of passions blazes on others arena where you - the main and invincible gladiator, the lady-killer and the manipulator of destinies. However, sometimes you should come off virtual life and to come back to the real world. Conscience still sometimes gives life signs, but each time less and less. Sooner or later there comes the outcome.


On Monday at Irina at work distributed phone call. The husband`s friend called, asked to contact him on urgent business . Yury had no mobile phone, and Irina had to send it the e-mail with a request urgently to contact the friend. As ill luck would have it, the letter returned back from - for interruptions in operation of the server. Such situation was for Irina not new, besides, she knew cases when the letter, despite notices on mistakes, safely reached the addressee. To check whether the letter reached, Irina solved to glance in a mailbox of the husband. Having used the password given once, it opened a mailbox, and...

Heart missed a bit at once. The sender rather the sender with the mysterious name Cassandra . Letter heading - It I! and the photos attached to the letter. Having thumbed through the folder of the sent letters, Irina was convinced that the letter was not casual: Yury corresponded with the owner of the intriguing name, and a perepisyvalsyauzha long ago. Then Irina opened the letter and began to consider pictures. The young smiling lady in short (really short!) to short skirt, crossing the legs on a marble parapet. The same person - lying, the clarified hair overhung down, long legs are lifted up on a chair back. Bite me, chew me, eat me, I - yours... It - in a summer sundress, with the bared coat hanger... Whether it is necessary for time much to see four pictures? For Irina time as if stopped. She everything considered an unfamiliar smiling face, and in the head fought: How so? Why? For what?

Irina considered ill-fated photos until the end of the working day. Read also letters which Yury sent to the acquaintance. In letters it called it dear and at the end added: I Kiss gently! . In the evening Irina asked the husband who such Cassandra. Trying not to look to the wife in the face, he answered that he definitely does not remember... Further - the standard. Reproaches. Justifications. Shouts and tears. In a word, common story... Harmless virtual .

After the period of isolation and diggings in for Irina there came the inevitable moment when the overflowing offense broke outside in the form of complaints to friends. And here it was waited by one more disappointment. Do not pay attention! Same not really was - friends went on it. Whether just wanted to calm, whether really so considered. And Irina continued to struggle with dull all-consuming ache which name - offense alone.

For some reason from the fact that the acquaintance of the husband was virtual it became easier not. Photos and letters were quite real. They could be considered, read, unpacked. The emotions of the husband appearing in his letters did not look illusive too. And whether there is a side between reality and virtuality in human feelings!

In one of scandalous evenings Yury tried to explain to the wife that letters on the Internet are a nonsense, mean nothing. Irina answered that then nothing also those letters mean that he wrote her before a wedding. The husband became silent and took offense even more... Means, letters all - were important for it? Classical result. Having cried at ease at the sleepless nights, Irina looked at herself in a mirror one morning and was terrified.

From a mirror the woman with extinct eyes and skin of dim gray color looked at it... Classical result classical, not virtual changes. Now, when Irina looked at Yury, he to her seemed to some stranger. And though externally family storms were calmed down, she felt - from former warmth there is no trace left also. How many still the proceeding family boat will be able to float on life?


according to psychologists, virtual flirtation on the Internet differs in nothing from the real change. 245 students participated in survey conducted by the staff of university Queens in Belfast. It was offered to participants of experiment to complete history of couple in which one of partners had virtual communication on the Internet. Researchers tried to understand, how exactly students interpret electronic flirtation .

It turned out that 51% of participants of experiment consider it as change, and 84% agreed that the second partner will surely feel devoted. Experts claim that the virtual extramarital affair can threaten the real relations of people. The emotional hobby even without physical contact can seriously affect human relations.

According to results of poll, the woman take such unusual change more painfully, than men. Searches of flirtation on the Internet can also be a symptom of already existing problems. Perhaps, it is simpler to people to justify flirtation on the Internet, but consequences can be so serious, as well as in a situation with the real change: loss of trust, offense and pain. And if from outside it seems to you it is harmless, then try to change virtually. It is not an appeal, upas you God at all to put a finger there where you risk to appear without hand. Not everything it is allowed to stop in time, and the number of the destroyed destinies is not justified.