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From what it is sewed Belt of a devil? The sea of a devil

This water space which is in the Pacific Ocean between Japan, northern part of Philippines and the island of Guam on the given surprises to similarly Bermuda Triangle. There too vessels on water and vanish in the sky. Generally, godforsaken place. And one of points of the ominous pentagram forming a so-called Belt of a devil.

Terrible storms are replaced by dead ripples, in air water domes escape, water coloring continually changes, and on a significant area. Somehow time, for example, in the winter of 1977 the pilot who was flying by over the sea found is gray - the white spot occupying about eight square kilometers, and through six water was light-green with transitions in is yellow - brown.

Disasters happen so often that in 1955 the government of Japan officially recognized this place dangerous. But also after that tragedies did not stop. So, winter of 1980 - 1981. in one week in this area six ships were lost at once.

Summer of 1998 on the base Misawa located on the island of Honshu three jet fighters of the Japanese Air Force flew. Two of them unexpectedly disappeared from a radar of service of tracking, and from the third the message on what the pilot sees " arrived; huge fireball of red " color;. Later the patrol ships found a fragment of one of planes. In two months one more fighter disappeared in the same place, at the same time the radio communication with the pilot suddenly stopped. Only the part of a wing managed to be found then...

Proklyatost places are explained with typhoons, tropical cyclones, eruption of underwater volcanoes. In many respects similar to a situation in the Bermuda Triangle, only warm water in the western part of the Pacific Ocean where typhoons arise, occupies more extensive spaces, than in Atlantic, and therefore storms are even more powerful here. The sea of a devil - the champion on number of typhoons - them is to forty in a year! And most often they are active from July to October.

In completion to volcanic ridges, there are a lot of coral reeves against which vessels also crash. Besides, the circulation formed by a stream of the Northern Passatny current and current of Kuroshio which only the little concedes in precipitancy to Gulf Stream works.

But besides cataclysms, in the water area of the Sea of a devil influences, adverse for organisms, are noted. Once B. I. Ustimenko, the member of team of the Soviet whaling flotilla, during flight couched wheat grains which however burst and did not give any germ though before approach to to the devil place they developed normally. And at people, speak, in this sea the mood spoils, there is a feeling of weakness, slackness. Whales and dolphins do not favor that area at all.

Here such riddle of Earth.