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From what it is sewed Belt of a devil? The Bermuda Triangle

the Belt of a devil is, of course, any not a belt and not a belt. So call the geoabnormal space consisting of several sites. It includes, in particular, the Bermuda Triangle, the Gibraltar wedge, the sea of the Devil, the Afghan and Hawaiian anomalies. It is remarkable that all of them are at the distance (72 degrees of longitude) equidistanted from each other along the thirtieth degree of a northern latitude.

The Bermuda Triangle - the most known of the listed places. It is the area in the Atlantic Ocean, known for disappearance of the ships and planes, it is between Miami, Bermuda, Puerto - Rico and the Bahamas, occupying the space more than one million square kilometers.

He received the name from the author of the article Killing Bermuda Triangle V. Gaddis (1964). But long before it seamen called this district a death triangle, the sea of trouble, the sea damned, record that in this part of the ocean the team noticed the special, radiating light spots on water was the sea of the voodoo, the devil sea, a cemetery of Atlantic etc.

In the logbook of Christopher Columbus: something in the form of a flame of a wax candle which rose fell down .

One more historical evidence belongs to 1840: then near Nassau port (the capital of the Bahamas) the French sailing vessel " was revealed; Rosalie being in drift. On it all sails were lifted, there was all necessary equipment, also freight, and any damages by the ship was whole... but none of crew members were onboard.

In forty years the British vessel " was gone; Atlanta . And in the 20th century of mysterious disappearances whether became more, whether just added information. In 1945 five American bombers - torpedo bombers were gone; in 1950 - m - the " cargoship; Sandra

following from the USA to Venezuela etc. Concerning the reasons of the such strangenesses happening in a zone of the Bermuda Triangle there are most various versions, from mystical to materialistic, and their several tens. Remember both aliens, and the hole in the sky opening a way to other worlds, and spatially - temporary jumps.

It is hypotheses. And how the situation with the facts is? In - the first, this area is very dangerous in the meteorological plan. Here constantly trade winds blow, often there are whole gales, tropical cyclones and a tornado. When actions of air and water streams are imposed at each other, there is especially strong threat.

Hydrologists note also increased content of sulfur in water and metane explosions (a few years ago even tried to explain with existence of metane clathrates secret Bermud). Funny: the namesake of Vladimir Vysotsky who - you remember became one of authors of this concept? - wrote the song about the Bermuda Triangle.

Explain a phenomenon and the wandering waves (up to 30 m high), and action of an infrasound. All phenomena (the luminescences, whirlpools, fountains escaping from water etc.) to which the escaped participants of events not lost memory testify can be connected with turbulences of very strong magnetic fields: onboard devices fail. Besides, navigation devices fail since in the Bermuda Triangle shooters of compasses do not point to a pole.

Isaac Asimov passed an opinion on the Bermuda Triangle so: Any accident in principle remains mysterious until the reasons and circumstances of the tragedy " are found out;. It did not happen yet, alas...