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What it is necessary to tell to the woman?

of the Man are visual, and women - ears. It is old truth which did not lose relevance with age. Of course, there will always be women who will claim that to them it is absolutely unimportant that is told by the man, the main thing - acts. Here if he business proves the love, then words are not necessary.

On the one hand it is right. Theoretically. With another - it is difficult to me to present full pleasure from joint life in absolute silence concerning the personal relations, without such lovely nonsense as sweetie pie my pleasure you are just silly seal, go here, I will kiss! The trifle and, but without this trifle is formed coldish, unpleasant emptiness.

At once I will note that one words which are not supported with acts cost approximately as much, how many toilet paper. Sometimes even - go at the price used. But acts without words is a soup without salt. It is possible to gorge on, but eventually the organism will report that there is with it not everyone as it should be.

Unfortunately, often men underestimate importance of words in female life. Sometimes, that the woman hears I love you once for all life - while her elect decided to make the proposal of a hand and heart. And that happens that this recognition should be squeezed out where as longer, than the offer on visit of the REGISTRY OFFICE. After that it can quite consider that already told everything. Sometimes men do not understand at all what from them is demanded. He loves, sincerely loves! What else is necessary - that? It is not enough - to tell about it.

So, that it is necessary to tell to the woman

Darling you especially remarkably look today - it is said without fail as soon as the wife tried on a new dress, a new make-up, a new hairdress. Such phrase, on the one hand, will show an assessment of her appearance, and with another - will show attentiveness. The trouble is that many men notice that the wife changed a hairdress only if she shaved the head - and that is not obligatory that will notice. And it whether you know, offensively. The woman decorates herself for the man and if he remains indifferent, then she begins to feel unnecessary furniture in the house.

My pleasure - is said at each opportunity. The opportunity can be any: the request to give something, gratitude for something, the address in conversation is simple. It shows the man`s relation, shows, than the woman is for it. At the same time also approves the property rights (my ! ).

You are the most beautiful! - if manages to screw such phrase during demonstration of some TV show of the " type; Miss Universe it is absolutely remarkable. Show that all these Ms. in your eyes do not suit even for cleaning shoes to your wife. It will be pleasant to it.

You perfectly prepare - as option: Everything was amazingly tasty! So well did not eat Anywhere as houses and so on. Similar is recommended to be spoken at any action relating to a household: cleaning, washing, ironing Dear men, believe, not all women were born housewives. It at us not in blood, upon my life! Is a derivative of education and long trainings. And as housekeeping should study persistently, there is a strong wish to hear periodically words of encouragement which show that the movement - in the right direction that everything is good, and efforts to make the house cozy do not go to waste.

Darling, what happened? - should be said tender tone. It is enough chagrin in female life. Unsuccessfully pushed around in public transport and spoiled favourite shoes, the chief shouted, from - under a nose there left the thin minibus and it was necessary to choke in the crowded bus, quarreled with mother, the girlfriend, obkhamit in shop Yes you never know still! There can quite be just sad mood from - behind weather sulfur behind a window.

Yes, I know, it is necessary to be able to cope with such mood, to maintain in itself optimism and not to pay attention to annoying trifles. Well, and if at heart all the same cats scrape? You know, generally they scrape from a lack of attention. It is clear that nobody, even the beloved husband, will be able to save from all chagrin at once, will not return the left minibus, will not communicate with all loutish sellers But he can show attention, console - even if it is just about a trifle, all the same. And the scraping cats immediately will hide claws and will begin to purr with affection.

Men usually do not consider chagrin of this sort standing attention. Generally they are right. But attention there are not all these small troubles, and - own wife. Also it would be very good to notice that she is upset with something even if the absolute nonsense. Several tender words - and mood will be changed, and here absence of attention can lead to the fact that the insignificant trifle will expand to the tragedy sizes.

How there passed day? - it is directly awkward that it is necessary to remind men of such trifle how to take an interest in pastime of the wife. Also it is not necessary to convince me that all this is so known. Perhaps, know. But whether do? How many time to me was necessary to listen to complaints of women who told that the husband, having been home from work, utykatsya immediately by a nose in the newspaper or the book and does not leave favourite reading matter even behind food, and postpones - being only arranged in front of the TV. Yes, can be, he tortured by work, dreamed all day of how he will comfortably read houses. But what is more expensive - reading or the wife? Neither the newspaper, nor the book, nor the TV will get to anywhere. As they say, the game fried, it will not fly away. And will not even take offense if look at it on a half-hour later. And here wife It is not necessary to force the wife to feel like the housemaid.

Happens, of course, that the similar relation is connected with the fact that in family life not everything is fine, there is no wish to look at the wife at all and in general - The Fool I was that married it! . It - not to this article, it - or to the psychologist, the expert in family psychology, or in court with the petition for divorce.

But it happens, as there is a wish to watch at the wife, and in a family (as the husband thinks) everything fine, but the man considers that his desires are on the first place only. There is a wish to esteem now, means - I will read, and the wife will wait where she will get to. Besides, here still usual neglect to occupations of the wife. And in most - that business what interesting happens in female life? One gossips and nonsense.

Consider, dear men, similar negligence can lead to the fact that you will remain with library and newspaper filings. But alas, without wife. And then you will puzzly wonder also all people around: And what was not enough for it? Pigeon`s milk or mosquito fat? . Attention. Only attention.

I love you - the most important words in your life. It is not necessary to repeat them each five minutes. But it is sometimes quite good to remind that the love not just was, but also is, and is not going to leave anywhere. Present to the wife flowers - just like that, without cause, without waiting for birthday or On the Eighth of March, bring her candies, cake (if she loves sweets), pineapple (do not forget to clear!) and though (by the way, very good gift showing attention which is so necessary for the woman) - and tell a hairpin for hair, handing a bouquet or tangerine: Washing Pleasure, I love you! . And even if from the moment of your wedding already there passed years and years, you will see that your wife - the same girl with the shining eyes whom you once married long ago.

Offensively when family life turns into gray routine where there is only a washing, cleaning and kitchen efforts. And not always the love left. No, it here, anywhere did not get to. Here only strewed lightly it with everyday everyday life as dust. Dear men, dust, and you will see that under this dullness the rainbow hides.