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Whether time and birthday matter?

would Seem what difference can be between the people who were born on Monday early in the morning and on Friday late at night...

Many future mothers even during the pregnancy think of with what their children will grow up. Some even make some plans for the future and with pride tell girlfriends about how will drive the son on soccer, and the daughter on dances. But often it turns out so that growing up, the child shows bigger interest absolutely in other occupation. Why so leaves?

Actually, character and temperament of the child are influenced by a lot of things including in what day of week the child was born.

Monday (day is under the auspices of the Moon).

the people who were Born this day are tender, sensitive and very sympathetic, but in too time are whimsical and stubborn, quite easily come under others influence, especially not the best. They possess changeable character and are inclined to frequent change of mood. Such kids are liked to be eaten well and tasty, show a great interest to cooking. Good cooks grow up from them.

Tuesday (day under the auspices of Mars).

Such people are vigorous, quick-tempered, unpredictable and also bright impressions like to order about. Character at them firm and sometimes a little aggressive.

Wednesday (day under the auspices of Mercury).

the People born on Wednesday are very mobile in life and in love. Levity and flexibility of mind is peculiar to them. They can possess quite sharp tongue. Are capable to be engaged in much, but best of all they are given work as hands.

Thursday (day under the auspices of Jupiter).

Those who were born this day try to be always fair, summon respect, but often are and are too arrogant, inclined to adventurism. Quietly and are indifferent to something new a little, but very much like to travel in search of bright impressions.

Friday (to day Venus patronizes).

the people who were Born on Friday are charming, tender and polite. Throughout all life are capable to flirt and fall in love. They very much care for appearance and beauty. Quite often choose to themselves work in the sphere of art.

Saturday (to day Saturn patronizes).

this day are born the people who are seriously belonging to everything that occurs not only in their inner world, but also around. On them it is always possible to rely, entrust secret and to be sure that this person will not bring and will not leave in trouble. From it it is always possible to wait for the help. Often good scientists, teachers or philosophers grow up from such people.

Sunday (to day the Sun patronizes).

statistically, the people who were born on Sunday is happier than those who were born in other days. They differ in creative approach to all undertake, and almost everything at them turns out.

But also the time of day in which the person was born plays not a small role in his destiny too.

Night (Mercury, Venus, Mars).

the Children who were born with 00. 00 to 2. 00 o`clock in the morning, are very active and vigorous, always in the center of attention, are capable to successful study and promotion. Been born with 2. 00 to 4. 00 hours are capable to achieve the set goal always. With 4. 00 to 6. 00 leaders are born. Such children are usually honest, stubborn and independent, but are sometimes too mistrustful.

Morning (Neptune, Uranium, Saturn).

C 6. 00 to 8. 00 o`clock in the morning are born very vulnerable people. Most often such people prefer loneliness and immersion in the inner world. The people who were born with 8. 00 to 10. 00 hours possess surprising charm. They are very simple in communication and are human therefore are always surrounded by people. Having been born in a period with 10. 00 to 12. 00, the person will possess discipline, adherence to principles and ambition.

Day (Jupiter, Pluto, Venus).

Given rise with 12. 00 to 14. 00 o`clock in the afternoon people are tireless seekers of new impressions. Can easily go to other city or change the place of work just like that, without the special reasons. With 14. 00 to 16. 00 the strong-willed and strong people possessing ability with ease to transfer failures and injustice of life are born. It does their character even stronger. The people born during the period with 16. 00 to 18. 00 hours, possess ability to put itself on others place and are easy in communication. Differ in big requirement to find the true love.

Evening (Mercury, Sun, Moon).

In an interval with 18. 00 to 20. 00 hours are born the people allocated with ability to find a way out of any situations. Such people are very devoted and never lower hands. Having been born in an interval with 20. 00 to 22. 00 hours, the person will be allocated with such lines as sociability and aspiration to change of pleasures, monotonous everyday life not for them. The one who was born with 22. 00 to 24. 00 possesses philosophical mentality and aspiration to internal stability and harmony. They are very impressionable that often prevents them to reach rest and happiness.

It is possible not to trust in all this, but try to learn in the described characteristics of or the children. For certain though something and will coincide.