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How to avoid male insolvency? Each man in the life at communication with the woman can test advice to the man of

embarrassment . And it is quite natural. Sexual excitability of the man and not only men, but also women, depends on a set of factors. One perceive it philosophically, and it is correct. Others go in cycles in it that can result in resistant male insolvency subsequently and demand further considerable efforts from psychologists.

The male insolvency of Napoleon which overcame the emperor long before Waterloo puts it in one row with so famous people. Hans Christiaan Andersen, the great storyteller, never had intimate contacts. The last Chinese emperor never carried out the conjugal duty. The Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen did not dare to be bared even before the doctor. All sensuality in life of the English mathematician Lewis Carroll, author Alice in Wonderland it was limited to photography (quite decent) of girls 12 years are not more senior. Very seldom the American president Dwight Eisenhower, and even the performer of a role of James Bond, the embodiment of man`s force felt like the full-fledged man, Roger Moore complains of frequent misfires.

The main enemy of a reproductive organ - the nicotine causing an angiospasm from - for contained in a tobacco smoke of carbon monoxide. Alcohol, caffeine, tranquilizers are harmful for man`s force. Often it is terribly affected by the banal reasons: synthetic linen and seat of the bicycle. Recently the new source of risk is revealed: hours-long sitting in front of the TV.

What it is only not tried by the desperate mankind: ambergris and cinnamon, musk, strychnine and opium, bull eggs and blood of pigeons. The ginseng, a saffron, a sandalwood, rosemary work with Stimuliruyushche. It is necessary to remember that any drugs stimulating sexual activity it is first of all chemical preparations which can have side effect, and natural products, as a rule, do not possess a side effect.

There are several recipes using foodstuff for increase of a potentiality. Perhaps, some recipes will seem ridiculous, laugh on health, but they will not do harm to your health

- the Cup of hot milk with a teaspoon of melted butter, a saffron, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut flakes.

- It is useful to eat every day one egg yolk or three days in a row there are onions and eggs.

- The turnip welded in milk (a favourite dish of G. Orlov, and he did not complain of a potentiality), carrot juice in mix with honey on a third of a glass 3 - 4 times a day is useful.

- The loveful king of France Heinrich drank 4 every days a shot glass to cognac, mixed with egg.

- One of the drinks coordinated good luck love. The juice which is wrung out from berries of red currant, wild strawberry, a gooseberry is mixed to taste with the sugar dissolved in water and cognac. Fill in in bank, close a gauze, leave for two weeks at the room temperature. Then filter, spill on bottles and store in the refrigerator. Before appointment drink a shot glass, no more.

- Chocolate possesses the good stimulating properties. As well as fish. Not incidentally ancient Greeks called fish the product feeding voluptuousness.

- For an hour before sex it is recommended to accept on 2 h a spoon of spirit extracts of a rhodiola pink and an eleuterokokka prickly (it is contraindicated at a hypertension).

- It is periodically possible to eat within a month every day 75 g of walnuts. And it is better to crush and fill in walnut kernels with honey in an equal proportion. There are on 2 h a spoon 2 - 3 times a day in 30 minutes after food. Increases sexual activity.

- Still remarkable east delicacy, it is an erotic medicine: to small chop up kernels of 12 walnuts and 200 g of mix of a fig, raisin, prunes, to mix and accept 2 tablespoons a day, with kefir. To keep mix in the refrigerator.

And during love appointment it is possible to try the following:

- Mix strong tea, honey and vodka in equal quantities, warm up and give in small cups.

Flirt, you love each other by a mutual consent, and you will have a good health and good health.