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Why to creep on a lap, buying the second-hand car?

Purchase and the choice of the second-hand car - hard occupation. Also it would be desirable that money was spent not in vain. The main thing not to hurry with purchase. On an entrance to a car market can already offer you excellent first-hand car. Tricks on which sellers of cars 1000 and 1 are let and it is important on any of them not to get.

First of all, the car has to be pure. Otherwise you just will see nothing. If on a cowl, doors or somewhere still a prilyapana the picture is a way to disguise some defect, for example, a chip of old paint. Many know that if in any place of a body the magnet, then there under paint a thick layer of filling which will fall off after a while does not keep.

One and all pay attention for year of release and run. And indications of a speedometer can just be rewound towards increase or reduction to whom as it is necessary. At mechanical speedometers after that castors with figures stand not the flat line, and jump . It is possible to compare an upholstery and prosizhennost a driver`s seat and passenger to look, rubber slips on pedals and rugs are how erased (it is so checked experience car).

To see a car bottom in what state, it is necessary to popolzat on knees. Rummage around hands on the bottom, maybe, you will grope holes or the welded sheets. Each car has two - three places from which it begins to rust. Usually it happens under rubber consolidations of glasses, doors and a luggage carrier.

To listen to the engine it is useless. Now there are so much additives - filled in, and several days as new work. Oil before sale is changed too. It is possible to lay the newspaper under a case of the engine and to ask to start the car for about 5 minutes. Having pulled out paper, all you will see. Many owners, selling the car, remove from it good details and put old. First of all it concerns tires and the accumulator.

Practice shows that color of the car - important criterion upon purchase. At the same time it often considerably increases car cost. Are not of some special pigments more expensive, but technology of coloring. For example, metallic and " nacre; are more expensive " acryle;. If the body is just recoloured and the car shines as new, then or it rusty, or visited accident.

Little different color of accessories (bumpers, thresholds, etc.) can speak about replacement or even accident which the car visited. In modern auto repair shops it is possible to stick together and paint a plastic bumper so that you do not distinguish it from new.

Gloss of a cowl - not its most important advantage. It, first of all, has to be closed and open with little effort. If it is a little beaten by stones, then these are our roads. But it is clear that the next months it was not painted and muzzle not beaten. The roof has to be equal. Otherwise, can face you double-dealing fellow . If the car turned over, then to give an original form to a roof very hard. Usually good experts cut off a crumpled roof and weld new. There can be welded seams.

Difficult, but it is possible to find the drowned man i.e. the car which visited water. Damp noise-insulating material on a floor under rugs, a marsh smell from it, stains on an upholstery of seats and a covering of salon, swelling on a dashboard surface - signs drowned man . Subsequently it can lead not only to corrosion of parts of a car, but also to failure of electronics, the accelerated wear of the engine and units of transmission from - for hits of sand in them and so forth. A smell in " salon; drowned the car muffle an air freshener.

Except costs of purchase of a car, still it is necessary to pay registration, an insurance, change of oils and brake fluid, change of filters. Most likely, it is necessary to buy the new accumulator, to replace tires, to buy the first-aid kit (usually she is empty or everything is delayed).