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How it is correct to choose tent?

What tent is necessary to you?

Now in the shops selling tourist equipment there is a wide choice of tents. Sewed from various materials - nylon, polyester, with application of membrane technologies, impregnations. Besides threads, accessories, processing of seams can differ - properties of this or that tent generally depend on it that.

The choice of tent depends on degree of intensity of your rest: if you just want to have a rest outdoors or you are waited by simple tourist routes, then to you will suit summer or 2 - 3kh seasonal tents. They are spaciousness from one to 4kh the person, to the differing installation designs, material, weight and price. Besides tents differ on the producer and the country of production.

There are several general views of tents: " type; camping summer single-layer, 2kh - 3kh seasonal, all-weather and hi-tech for extreme rest.

If you prepare for difficult expedition, then it is better for you to acquire tent of a hi-tech class - strong on a gap, from modern membrane fabric: impenetrable for wind, a rain and snow, but not interfering ventilation, steady against influence of UF of beams.

Such tents seldom have a small weight, but they give the maximum feeling of comfort in the most difficult situations. The thought-over system of fast installation, numerous pockets inside, " skirt; for protection against inflation from below snow, water flowings. There are such tents from $300, but they completely are repaid in extreme conditions.

Tents - campings often call family tents because they contain from 4kh and more adults. These tents provide the greatest comfort, they have a capacious platform.

From minuses of campings is a big weight and complexity of installation. But if you travel on the car or go to the sea savage where the tent does not need to be collected and sorted daily, such tent - option, ideal for you.

There are several general details to which it is necessary to pay attention upon purchase of tent that rest was successful.

- a lightning has to be strong, doggie on the lock - big and convenient. Especially it concerns family tents where doors open often and closed by children.

- internal tent has to be convenient (additional pockets, strong seams, large inhabited volume, quantity of entrances, a grid from mosquitoes - all this goes to plus)

- racks have to be metal, but not plastic.

- pegs by means of which the tent is put have to be from

stainless steel - the tent and an awning have to fasten at some distance from each other and not to be combined by

- color of internal tent has to be light, be combined with color of an awning

of Successful rest!